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  1. Hey im on my fifth month of accutane right now and i have realised my face seems a ,lot different from when i first started taking it, and im not just talking about the acne. my eye ridge/forehead seems to have bulged out and my cheeks seem to be a bit fatter, i have not gained weight either... does this happen? and will my face go back to normal after i stop using? i still look like a normal human being but i preferred the shape of my face previously. ive just turned 20 btw and wow i cant b
  2. i think im in the same position as you, im dry everywhere else apart from my face although there has been a significant reduction in oil and my face is super tight once its been washed... my jaw line and neck gets pretty dry though... how was your acne after compared to before? i guess my acne has gotten a bit better but not much... i still break out if i eat shit
  3. ive been on it for almost 3 months though! how long did it take you to completely dry out?
  4. hey ive been on accutane for about 2 and a half months now 60mg a day i weigh about 56kg male 19 years old. my body has dried out and my oil production on my face has definitely decreased but its not getting any dryer im 2 and a half months in and my forehead and nose still gets quite oily from time to time. the only place on my face which has dried out fully i think is my jawline and neck. Is it okay for me to still be producing a bit of oil on my T-zone or does it need to completely dry it out
  5. hey man im on accutane now been on it for 2 months 60mg and my face is not that dry... how dry is your face right now? ,my oil production has definitely reduced but my skin is not like flaking or anything and there is still a little oil a few hours after washing face
  6. hey ive been on accutane for about 2months now 60mg a day, male, 57kg. my face produces less oil but it is not flaking and stuff and still produces a bit of oil... is this normal? how dry are most peoples skin round about now?
  7. Are you moisturising on a regular basis? You may actually be combatting the dryness with your regime. Is your moisturiser heavy? Are your lips always dry or is this only after you've taken your tablet? my lips are generally always dry but are especially dry shortly after taking the pills, and i have moisturised a few times... my neck and jaw line seem to be pretty dry but my forehead is still a bit oily... but i was expecting by now that my face would be very dry and flaking...
  8. hey i've been on accutane for 2 months now on 60mg a day im 19 and weigh 57kg male, the oil on my face has significantly been reduced but it still produces oil, im worried accutane is not working for me as i have heard from various sources that accutane is supposed to super dry out your face so there is no oil at all and this usually happens quite quick... My lips get really dry after about half an hour after swallowing my pills is this a normal reaction?
  9. hey i went on holiday with a box of accutane pills and i left them in the heat by accident and every pill that i get out, the shape is deformed, obviously they have like semi melted from the heat... will these pills still be effective or should i get onto a new box with fresh pills? I don't want to waste my time eating them if they are not going to do anything for me...
  10. yes but my skin got dryer and is now getting oilier again... does this happen?
  11. ive been on accutane for about a month now my face got a bit dryer but now its starting to get oilier again...? is this normal? im male weigh 58kg and im on 60mg a day
  12. my skin seems to be getting a bit oiler again... has yours continued to get dryer?