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  1. You need to try accutane at this point in my opinion. Like you really do sound like you're incredibly depressed both from acne and from life in general. This is totally understandable and normal. There have been hundreds of thousands of people on isotretinoin and only a few people have bad reactions or not have it work for them. They are just very vocal is all. Most people get cured and move on with their lives! And some folks like me at least get an improvement, at least for a while, which is b
  2. My old hyperpigmentation is clearing. I get a tiny little bump once in awhile in random locations, but they aren't really whiteheads, more like a clogged pore. They go away quickly. Redness from rosacea is down a bunch. I'm only taking 1.5 grams of b5 a day, still eating the same way. I "cheated" yesterday with some vegan creamer that has sugar in it. I had a slight darkening of red spots but it's gone now so I really think sugar is a problem for me. I haven't been this clear since I was at the
  3. Not a cure, but helpful for inflammation

    Tea tree oil is great! Along with lavender oil, I use it "neat" on my acne areas (just a drop or so) to help calm redness down and kill bacteria. It seems to keep some acne at bay and DEFINITELY shrinks acne that I've popped. (I know, bad habit.)
  4. Not a cure, but relieves redness

    I love lavender oil. I put a couple drops directly on acne spots at night along with a little tea tree oil. I don't dilute, my skin is tough. It calms the inflammation right down and helps me relax too. It doesn't really keep me from getting acne, but it does calm down the spots I do have.
  5. Hey OP, I was on accutane twice and I did NOT have any major problems with it, besides some dry skin. So a lot of people tolerate it really well. However, my acne did come back, although not as bad. That's not to say it will with you, but it is a possibility. I would personally try it anyway just in case you do get permanent or at least long term relief from acne. I think it's definitely worth it. On a side note, when you said you reduced sugar intake, by how much did you mean? I have long r
  6. Humans have been eating grains for .. well, since paleolithic times. They've found grains in the teeth of neandertal skulls. So I don't think grains (especially "older" grains like barley, teff, oats, quinoa, chia, amaranth, and buckwheat, wild rice, ect) are a problem for most people. I mean, we don't exactly have photographs, but based on what we know, acne is a pretty modern problem. If grains caused problems historically, people would have been avoiding them and there would be legends and ta
  7. Whoa, I think you have a point there, I never thought about. For a lot of people post-accutane, maybe even myself included, that could be true! Before accutane, my acne was "moderate", but my rocasea was severe, which made my moderate acne look WAY WORSE than it might have otherwise. But Accutane cured both 100% while I was on it and a few months after. My acne did come back, but for the most part not as bad. My bacne went away completely for years. It's only now, like 5 or 6 years later, that
  8. The OP said, and I quote: " But I'm not writing to find out which of these theories, if any, is true. I want to see if anyone can actually give good advice on supplements/diet, or whatever else, to repair damage from this poison. " "In my opinion" were the first three words of my post, so it's pretty obvious I was sharing anecdotal information? I gave him the best advice I could give, and if you don't like the advice, feel free to skip my post instead of being passive agressive, my pal. (Furt
  9. Okay, I think your doctor actually has a point. I was on 20mg a day and it cleared me (for a while). Actually I started spacing them out so that it was every other day and I still maintained clear skin. For me, Accutane works extremely quickly. My skin gets worse the first 4 days and then starts to resolve itself. Within 3 weeks I am almost clear. Unfortunately it doesn't LAST long for me once I'm off it. It's true that the old mega doses are outdated and possible dangerous and unnecessary for
  10. I personally do not believe that Accutane is necessarily at fault for any of the diseases listed above, because these diseases/illnessesare typical of the western population in general, and it is probably impossible to separate out which cases are possibly caused by the drug and which are just the end result of poor diet and lifestyle choices (or genetics.) I don't believe there is any evidence that it shortens telomeres, and if so I'd like to see the studies on that. I have been on Accutane t
  11. I know how you feel!! Sometimes it can also be annoying to hear people say "just live your life" because if it were that easy we wouldn't all be here in this group! I understand feeling like I'm the only one with bad skin .. like out of all my friends I think only a couple besides me have troubled skin and they are really good at makeup so I can't even tell. And I've spent untold amounts on skincare and products, have a regimen I follow religiously, but they don't have to do ANYTHING and yet th
  12. I know when life has been hard it is very easy to slip into a cynical and self-centered viewpoint. I don't mean to say you are being selfish or that how you feel is wrong at all, by the way. It is simply how you feel and it is neither right nor wrong. From what I understand, you want to feel positive again, like you used to, right? And right now you feel like the world is terrible and you don't want to involve yourself in it. But what I think could be an underlying issue you MAY have (and no I'm
  13. When you go out into the woods and you look at trees, you see all these different trees. And some of them are bent, and some of them are straight, and some of them are evergreens, and some of them are whatever. And you look at the tree and you allow it. You appreciate it. You see why it is the way it is. You sort of understand that it didn’t get enough light, and so it turned that way. And you don’t get all emotional about it. You just allow it. You appreciate the tree. The minute you get near h
  14. Please do update me. :-) I wish I had pictures! My phone is actually a little TOO good, and automatically makes my skin look better than it is, lol .. So it's only been 6 days, a bit premature maybe, but I'll just give an update, which turned out to be rather wordy, sorry!: From what it was at the worst of the recent breakout I think I have improved about 85%. That's a big deal for me!! I still have some inflammation going on .. right now about 4 or five whiteheads in random locations of
  15. I'm so sorry you had this bad experience!! Isn't it crazy how we hide away bc we lack confidence in meeting people, yet it's the hiding away part that causes us to not meet people? I hope you get another opportunity to hang out with friends and maybe see that person again. I'll bet they really wouldn't notice your skin, and if they judge you based on temporary skin blemishes, they aren't worth your time anyway, don't you think? I know it's really hard. I feel the same way depending on the wors