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  1. DB12

    Please Help!

    don't mess with it at any cost. just wait.
  2. ham and cheese, i feel like you're very lucky to have that nose scar in that location because then u could jus totally pierce over it. I'd take ur scar over mine any day lol.
  3. DB12

    Nose Scars

    based off my experiences, i wouldn't recommend needling the nose at all
  4. well i tried to even out a shallow scar on my nose by the use of single needling and apparently i think i went a little too deep nd it created an ugly ice pick just about 3 months.
  5. i say keep at it for experimenting purposes. if you truly believe it'll work then show us your progress.
  6. DB12


    Thanks , btw what kind of scars are they ? boxscars & enlarged pores, i don't seem to see any ice picks.
  7. DB12


    look into derma stamping nd using scar serums. they may be useful to your scars.
  8. dang totally bumped a old thread didn't even realize
  9. i have a scar on the same spot, i don't really know how to get rid of it but it's messed me up so bad socially nd psychologically. smh it would be great if dermatologists would find a 100% cure to scars on the nose. i have to say though i've been using white lotus scar serum on this scar everyday for the past 3 months. it's improved a little but not by much. ill include pictures upon request.
  10. it might've been because you had contact w/ the sun after applying the lemon. Don't do that. Otherwise yes lemon is good for your face just try not to get too much sunlight. try the ponds clarant b3 for your dark spot. it helps w/ mine.