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  1. Goodluck I can relate to the friends not even knowing how insecure i am at times, also keep ya head up if you stick to your regime things should improve, keep it natural and treat your body how you want it to treat you!
  2. bright daylight or sun shining on your face is the worst.
  3. Actually quite insightfull and made me open my eyes.
  4. Saw the pics, nope they are not lyring. Im being real honest
  5. feeling pretty good seeing as it is holiday and I aint got much to do, got some red marks on the right side of my face and 1 active on the left apart from that its good.
  6. It will heal in time, your skin looks pretty great to me.
  7. Same can be applied to me, but maybe you need too look at the bigger picture, or the long term of their health. As for the peer pressure, just avoid those people who arn't valuable in your life. I have quite a few muslim friends who dont smoke/drink, yet in high school they are constantly surrounded by all these things and manage to do a good job keeping away.
  8. i think it might be a bit infected, dont pop them, its never good in the long run! besides your face looks pretty fine, its not really that bad
  9. you opened my eyes with this post, time to stop acting like an insecure **** oh and logic is sick!
  10. feelin great, fixing my diet has really imporved my skin, 90 % clear apart from a few red marks. Anyway these days im confident as ever, and even had lunch with this hot chick from college where i could be myself and have no worries about how my face looks.
  11. ^ Like above said, lightening natural skin colour is not a good idea.
  12. It definitely does not look as bad in dimmer lights, Have you though that they might have been looking at you because you looked nice? or just looking for any random reason. Most people also have their insecurities and you should not worry about their opinion or if they did judge you. I used to be self conscious of being up close and personal talking to friends and people in general untill i got over it and realised most of them did not care about minor imperfections or some red marks.