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    Brtc Product-Line

    I am also using it
  2. Danieljpsaka

    Japanese Boy First Time Accutane

    This is my photo ....
  3. This is my first time writing in this forum . I have been having acne since I was in grade 9 now it ha been 5 years . I messed up my life . I try to hide my self most of holiday time , but I still put every of my effort into my study . I still remain as the top student . Thing started to change when I graduated from high school . I start to feel insecure about my face , tons of scar and acne . I try every single products out there . Nothing works . It is my last resort now . I have been taking
  4. Does accutane helps healing the red marks ? I am now on week three. Still have acnes and some cysts . How about acne scar will it fade with accutane ?
  5. Danieljpsaka

    Will These Scars Ever Go Away (Pics)

    No scar at all
  6. Danieljpsaka

    Accutane Starter

    Dear all , I am new member here . I am from Japan . We do not use accutane to treat acne here . I have tried thousands of medication and products out there , still there is no result . I decided to buy accutane from online 20 mg a day . I am so new to accutane . To all of the members , please give me some advices how to take care of my face and health during accutane .. Thank u so much .