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  1. I was having SGA treatments at clearskincare for moderate acne that always appears in the same spot. Sure it worked for the first couple of months but it's all back again. DON'T bother with it seriously! And the clinic doing them 'ClearSkinCare' is dangerous and they don't know what they're doing. Waste of money and it could ruin your life. Also I have pock scars on my chin now from the SGA. Pimples come back as 'open' raw pimples!! Also if you read about my nightmare experience you can
  2. I tried Affirm on arms and also hips for stretch marks. Worked well. Had welts that went away after 5 days. Never had holes from it
  3. Thanks guys! I am soo irritated that it burns and constantly itches now I can't even wash my face at all and feel acne coming back. I did have SGA done as well, and it does work! Some spots have never come back. Some do but not as deep as what they were. It was so unfortunate because the lady originally treating my skin was very good...next therapist OMG... I have the feeling she thinks because I have very white skin that I must be able to handle high level lasers and peels :S? (Because sh
  4. you're being sarcastic right.... So upset So yeah my acne has improved but this was not worth it!!
  5. I had previously posted about how I had started at 'ClearSkinCare' Clinic. I signed up for a 3 month membership, you get one treatment of your choice plus + peel and light treatment once per month. Everything was going great until the therapist I had went on leave. I got stuck with the manager working on my skin. She did 'Pixel RF' (radiofrequency) on my face for acne scarring (but she used the machine ALL over my face for sun damage etc) and also the following 2 weeks after a lactic acid pe
  6. I am 25 years old so the fact I am getting acne at all is very frustrating when most of my peers don't get any at all. Because SGA is relatively new and was invented in Australia I would say it has to undergo years of legal scrutiny etc before it can appear world wide. For example, a girl I was speaking to from Germany said they have vaccines for Urinary Tract Infections in her country! It will probably be a long long time before we have it here The sebaceous glands still remain they are ju
  7. Ohh on my cheek that was a huge painful pustule. And I have one underneath the skin above my eyebrow which hasn't come out. Every single month I battle a breakout, then my skin clears up. Then it breaks out again! It's very frustrating. I think the treatments sound really interesting though and the SGA would be great for moderate-severe acne. The red marks/scarring on my chin is also difficult to cover even with makeup. I had cysts there as a teenager!
  8. Hey everyone I am joining a 'skin gym' at Clear SkinCare were you get two treatments a month plus they sell all sorts of products at their clinic. I will be reviewing products/treatments and documenting my journey on my blog! Please check it out . I have posted some before photos already along with the products I am using. You can comment on posts also so feel free to ask any questions or give feedback. I am really excited. They even offer 'permanent acne removal'! Sebaceous glands are
  9. I took Yasmin but I am far too sensitive to it, also it has a synthetic progesterone that is SUPPOSED to work as a diuretic but i'll tell you it didn't work for me because I had severe water retention!! No acne though haha. I stopped taking it in the end because I was an emotional b*tch and had IBS symptoms on it. I am taking Loette now and am happy because my skin really is clearing up . Some water retention but no way near as bad. It has half the estrogen (of yasmin)
  10. sorry lol then definitely don't take the birth control pill Persevere with the accutane, did the derm say it takes a long time? Have you tried hot compresses for the cyst?
  11. but the cyst will leave a mark regardless, the longer you leave it there the worse it may become.Try the shot..Surely your derm can give you some topicals to help with pigmentation like glycolic acid. I know accutane can make acne worse before it gets better. 4 months is a long time. Are you also on hormonal birth control pill?
  12. I always go to the shops/gym makeup free! I don't care. Smile, stand tall, fake the confidence if you have to. Trust me, it makes it way less noticeable to everyone else.
  13. Madeleine24


  14. With Loette I noticed a difference in a week. But then when I had my sugar pill bleed my skin got really oily again. I agree with Paigems, give it several months.