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  1. I have moderate/severe acne, when I tell people they scoff and roll their eyes at me. I spend $100’s of dollars a year in treatments to keep the acne on my face down to mild, if I was to lift my shirt and show them my back they would understand. BUT why should I have to do that, it piss’s me off when I tell someone I have bad acne and they dismiss me, should I wear a sign or a backless top just for them?
  2. I think you are 100% correct. Rather then discourage you I will do the opposite. I have a bottle of clear eyes in my draw and when going for a big night out soak a tissue in it and leave it on my face. It contains Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride Benzalkonium chloride And disodium edentate It only lasts for a few hours in taking away the redness but I have never tried it as a routine treatment which could yield some benefits.
  3. Titan is the new thing to replace thermarge, currently being used to tighten skin, but I do think the genesis range has lasers for pigmentation etc.
  4. :think: Out of curiosity what county do you live in ?
  5. I use a 25% Glycolic between peels. For me its not peel level but it does help exfoliate.
  6. Both are good for acne. Dianne made me bloat though 1 week before. Yasmin 2 but not so much
  7. I have no fold in the inner corner of one eye, dolls eye in itself is not uncommon, it’s just uncommon to have it in one eye, leaving the asymmetry of both eyes uneven. No fold in the outer probably is a good thing, as your brow muscles have not dropped with age and are holding well. I am interested on how the laser goes, I am currently doing a course of Jessner’s peels for, skin tone , shallow scars, blotchiness etc
  8. I am not sure fat graph’s are appropriate for scars as with a graph it is normally stitched into place. :think: And graphs are done like little pearls or tear drops Because normally a plastic surgeon (PS) does fat injection and any doctor can do training for resty injections. When the fat is removed from you it has to be prepped to go back in, you just can not take it out one place and pop it back in another. I have slight dolls eye in my left eye (no fold in the corner). I
  9. :lol: :lol: Plastic surgeons refer to uptake as how much fat can become vascular, ie take up and circulate fluids, a certain percentage of the fat injected will die off and so much will vascularise. So yep the higher the better. You don’t have to be healthy as such, but smokers have bad circulation so not much will uptake. Yep Resty lumps will go away by themselves and so will fat. If not they will have to be removed surgically. Its not a common complication but it its not
  10. Ok, number one. If he wants to inject something before just to see, that’s nasty. Fat injection uptake depends on the person. For example if you are a smoker forget it. Fat will only uptake if it can get a good blood supply going. It also depends on where the fat is taken from. Fat from under the chin is most like the fat on the face. Next best is from the knee. So if all is working in your favour you can look to expect a 50% + uptake, if you smoke, drink are not healthy you can may
  11. I am also trying to get pregnant. My doctor told me not to use any RetinA products as it is know to cause birth defects. It is classified D which is bad for baby.
  12. I brought a bottle a year ago, after much research I had to buy from over seas EDIT : If you have the cash, you can get cosmedix products. They do they same thing and are stronger, but they are way over priced.
  13. I’ll just pipe in and say, with micro they will "not" go over active pimples. With a peel they will, especially if you get a peel aimed at acne.