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    Thank you veru much! )
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    Hi to everyone how would love to share his/her experiance I would like to give question to everyone and I will be thankful for your answers and sharing experiance! So I done my roaccutane period (6months) now I am taking rest for my body! How do you think? 1) If acne will came back , when it will be? 2) If acne will come back, will it be more worst that it used to be? 3) Those who have done two acne periods ( 6 moths+ 6moths) , did taking second period halped your skin finaly ? H
  3. Hello to everyone, I have done already six months with roaccutane. ) Last two moths I take 20 mg per day. My lips are just terible.... but that is the only one factor that affect me. Shurely I suggest everyone who have acne to take roaccutane! It helped me! Now when I am done six moths I will take some time free, than I will see if acne come back, if yes, I will take another six moths whit roaccutane. I wish you all good health and beautiful skin!
  4. Hi to everyone of you! Today I was at my dermatologist. My blood analysis was not so good. I have got lack of leukocyte, but I cant feel that. That is very bad for me, said my dermotologist. My body just respond sharply bacouse of Roaccutane. But I do not believe that Roaccutane is in fault. I take only 10 miligrams per day. I am just little sad about this...I want to take biger dose, and faster get rid of Acne becouse I have to go to work and school... And also I want to ask everyone
  5. Hi! Thank you for sharing your experiance! Before I was not registred in this forum, I was wondering-do other people feel the same as me because of acne or breakouts! And the truth is that we all feel the same! Yes it is quite hard to go out with friends and socialize when I have my breakouts, I am afraid of other people judgements. For girls it is easy to fix breakouts with make up or other staf but what boys could do? I have find out when I have presentations at school I have more
  6. Hi! Tomorrow will be two weeks sinc I use Roaccutane! My back, shoulders and neck is better! Roaccutane have stooped them to grow !! Now when I do not have them so much I can better see how many scars I have! Still my face is so so ! I have dry lips, and yesterday I have had terrible headache. I am looking forward to see better result whatever it takes. But I am happy that I did not decided refuse to take Roaccutane! I believe in it! Wish you all good luck with Roaccutane!
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    I have read that first weeks after first Roaccutane is possible that person may get have quite active Ance, than it is used to be before! But by time (weeks, months) it calms down. Roaccutane begin his treatment , and Acne become better and better!
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    Thats true! Acctualy I registred here becouse I know how hurts Acne and I would love to hear some experiance from others and share my, especially related to Roaccutane!
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    Hi to everyone! "No one should suffer from Acne"! I believe in this sentence. That is way I decidet to take Roaccutane! Yesterday was my first day. I hope it will help me!