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  1. thankyou for the feedback.. i think im going to try another product and apply it in the morning as i would a moisturizer.. ill let you know if im sucessfull..
  2. has anyone used sunless tanners in conjuction with the regimen.. if so how did it work out.. i was thinking about tryin this product.. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...983&tab=1#1 but im unsure and i do not want to have a discolored face.. any experiences? thanks guys..
  3. has anyone tried using neosporin along with BP. Im not sure whether the two can be mixed.. i've gotten mixed reponses to neosporin.. i've heard it reduces marks but after a few months of using it you'll get the worse breakout of your life.. i remember jess? the one with her exfoliation method had used that.. if any one has tryed this or knows more info please inform me.. thankyou..
  4. hey everyone.. i came across this product http://www.jason-natural.com/products/moisturizing.php and i was wondering if anyone had tryed this before. Pure aloe vera juice from the plant drys and makes my skin pink. any feedback on this product would be greatly appriciated.. thanks
  5. for sum reason it seems it gave me more tiny bumps.. honestly i can say i almost never get red pimples anymore.. its the type of pimple where u see it if u turn ur face and let the light reflect on it.. i have oily skin... it seemed to work well on my nose.. but not well on my forehead or cheeks...
  6. try this.. queen helene oatmeal and honey scrub.. its cheap.. and its a good exfoliant.. itll even out ur complexion.. if u go on drugstore.com.. youll see it has good ratings.. its like 4 bucks
  7. dont do it.. trust me.. itll mess up ur skin.. make it pinkish
  8. how is this used.. jus apply it directly to the skin?
  9. im using this now.. im givin it a shot... ive been using it for about.. 4 days.. im going to try it for 2 weeks.. maybe a lil longer.. i pray that this will be my mirable product.. this product was popular on these message boards in 03.. keep replying every1
  10. hey wsup every.. i tryed everything on dans reccomended list and i still havent found an exceptionally good moisturizer. i was wondering if baby lotion is ok to use.. it says gentle, and hypoallergenic but nothing about it not clogging pores.. if any1 reccomends a light moisturizer thats not thick please fill me in on it.. thanks yall
  11. i just wanna say that this is working pretty well.. im happy with the results so i recommend it.. im goin to continue with this regimen..
  12. kool.. right now im applying it as i would acv.. apply it diluted with a cotton ball like a toner and wash off with water after 10 mins.. ill ima try this for a week.. see how it goes. keep them replys commin
  13. jus worry bout keepin ur skin moisturized bro.. dont mess with alot of products while on accutane. if i could go back n i wish i just put lotion on rather than a bunch of useless products while i was on accutane.. keep it simple.. thas the best advice u can get..
  14. wsup everyone.. I'm just curious to see if anyone has had good experiences with lemon juice with red marks and discolorations (when applyed topically).. I've heard of the many benefits of it.. like its good for acne, redmarks ect. I'm currently using apple cider vinegar.. but I'm very tempted to switch and give it a try.. I just wanted to know if anyone tryed applying it topical as u would with apple cider vinegar.. Let me know what you think.. thankss
  15. its funny u say that.. i looked in the mirror in a dim light and i saw them.. wen i turn the light on.. it looks a lil better.. well the ones on my forehead at least
  16. i swear to god i thought i was the only one with this problem.. urgh.. i hate it.. esp when people ask.. "why are u so pink".. i used to be white(u know.. a nice skintone).. i had bad acne.. it healed and i was still white.. it returned i went on accutane in 03.. and im still pink.. if any1 cud help itd be great.. im using the bp gel and the eucerin lotion (renewal). im 17 and i get self contious at times. any help wud be tremediously appriciated.. any1 try this or know anything about it? htt
  17. stick with it.. i wish i had stuck wit my acne treatment.. it stopped workin.. then i went on accutane.. stick with it.. jus be gentle.. seriously stick with it.. i say it so many times so u dont have to learn the hard way.. stay up.. lata
  18. i understand what your saying.. it can be good and bad.. u should moisterize after washing your face so your skin can heal..
  19. something that will go away wit time.. alot of it.. depending on your skin healing process.