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    2Nd Round Of Accutane (Claravis)

    Read through your log. Amazing how much your skin has changed - progressively over the weeks. I'm just starting my second course and doing a log too. My acne predominately is on my neck, although my jawline also can be problematic. Good luck for your final couple of weeks!
  2. Evening everyone. Having read many logs over the years I thought it would be good to share my ongoing experience of Isotretinion (accutane) this time round (second course). I was prescribed accutane four years ago (aged 19), it worked wonders for my skin and completely changed me. Four years on my acne has slowly crept back - although not to the extent of my teenage years! Now aged 23 I have now embarked on my second course (starting today), 40mg for the first eight weeks. What I wanted t