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  1. Hey guys Just wanted to drop by with another update. I have been off my birth control now for around four months. This makes me a bit nervous as it usually takes about 3-6 months for my skin to react when coming off the pill, well in my previous experience anyway. Nothing new to report at all really. Apart from a potential 'big one' I had on my chin around November time, which made me think 'ok here we go'. But it didn't come to anything and I haven't had another sinc
  2. Hey guys Wow can't believe it's been four years since my last post and seven since my very first. Ever since my skin cleared with birth control and differin my journey has been pretty smooth. My skin texture hasn't always been great and this has been my biggest 'struggle' but I did manage to get my acne under control after a pretty traumatic outbreak back in 2012/13. I am still on my anti depressants. I did successfully come of them but after about six months my mood and anxiety ch
  3. For those kind of bumps I think it's best to use a good chemical exfoliator. It sounds a bit harsh but they can be as gentle or strong as you like. salicylic acid is a good one to start off with, it's pretty gentle and is in most acne products but I think your best to use a serum or a toner with salicylic acid in it in order to get the most benefit, you could start off just using it at night to see how your skin reacts. I do like apple cider vinegar, but even diluted I did find it quite harsh
  4. I used to put my moisturiser on a good half hour before differin when my skin was really dry and it did help, I still to this day wash my face and slather on loads of moisturiser before I go for a shower and the steam really helps your skin absorb the moisturiser. I think you're looking great Mrs, your eyelashes tho in the pic where you are looking up are bloody amazing! I'd seriously pay for those xxx
  5. Derms wont talk to you about alternative medicines for acne, I guess they have their checklist of creams, antibiotics, birth control and Accutane. He does seem to have jumped straight in there. I know my derm started me on birth control and differin which has clear up my skin for now, but he did say if it doesn't work then he wouldn't hesitate to prescribe Accutane, which I appreciate, no point prolonging the agony when I had tried everything else. Have you tired anti biotics, creams or birth
  6. Hey mrs, I keep going to reply to your mail and end up with a load of paperwork on my desk!!! Your skin honestly doesn't look bad at all but I know how annoying those little bumps are, they make you feel like you have a horrible skin texture, I've been there. I think you should stop the anti biotics, that is always a gp's answer to acne, I think they only help if you have really inflamed acne which is down to a bacteria issue. Honestly you should look up that skin clinic at the Nuffield, £ 10
  7. It's unfair to belittle leelowe's struggle. I know I suffered from texture issues with my skin for a long time after my acne subsided and it has taken a good couple of years for me to be 'happy' with my skin, but when I do get a breakout it can throw me back to that dark place. These blogs are very personal. I know I wrote mine for two reasons, one was to help others who may have been following the same regimen as me but the other was for solely selfish reasons, to use it as a place where I cou
  8. leelowe I haven't even seen your pictures and I know everyone's struggle is individual. Some people would say to me that my acne wasn't that bad, but none the less it ruined my confidence and my state of mind, although what I found was that even as my skin got better I still couldn't see past how bad it had been. Is it maybe the case that your skin has improved but your past experience with acne has made it hard to ever see your skin as 'good'. I would obsess over every mark, every pore, I on
  9. Hey it looks a bit more like pityrisporum folliculitis which is more like a infection of the hair follicles and is common on the forehead like you have described, if you google it you will see pictures. I think Accutane will still help as it will stop the oil production but if you are still having issues you might try adding a gentle salicylic acid into your regimen, as long as it isn't too harsh while you are on Accutane, a good exfoliator is important to keep any dead skin cells out of the ha
  10. I had a scab like this last week, I covered it with savlon advanced healing gel, soaked a bit of tissue and put it over the ointment then put a plaster over it to keep it covered and left it. I realise that's a bit difficult when you need to go out but I cut the plaster to the size I needed so it just looked like I had a small cut, after two days the scab was pretty much gone and I didn't need to pick it off or anything. The key is keeping it moist so it can't dry out and keeping it covered as
  11. It's a tough one to call, I think your skin looks more irritated than acne prone, if that makes sense. If it were me I would make a decision between two courses of action. I would either try and cut back on harsh products, try a basic cream cleanser, I like the La Roche Posse ones and simply wipe off with a damp cotton pad or damp wash cloth and from there just a simple oil free moisturiser. Or it might help to incorporate a gentle acid or retinoid into that regimen as well, I know it contrad
  12. gkitten25

    Week 2/3

    Just starting my third week anti depressant free and think have started improving greatly from a side effects point of view. The nausea and dizzy spells are pretty much gone, I get the odd wave of dizziness every now again but now constant like the first week. I do still have a touch of nausea occasionally if I am eating something but then that might be un related. My emotions have also stabilised a bit more, I was all over the place at the end of my first week, crying one minute at something
  13. I don't really know about filling in, I find scars soften with time if you find the right skin care regimen and keep acne under control. Lighting can make all the difference, sometimes I think my scars have disappeared then I'll catch myself in different lighting and yup they are still there. I found using a gentle acid with my regimen has helped a lot as it keeps your skin cells turning over and stops a build up of cells which I think can make scars look worse, it also helps with blocked pore
  14. gkitten25

    Week 1

    Hey guys, so I know this is slightly off topic, but let me explain. I first started taking anti depressants about a year and a half ago as a result of severe depression which was brought on by my acne. A particularly bad and prolonged breakout altered how I perceived myself and how I dealt with my image and the world around me, there were times I can honestly say I wanted to die. I knew this wasn't normal thinking and after some trial and error I final settle on a 50mg daily dosage of Sertral
  15. it does look like it has calmed down a lot in your recent photo which is a good sign that the antibiotics and topical were helping. I don't know too much about the ingredients but is there anyway you can continue with the topicals and just stop the doxy? It will probably be the case that until you have stopped breast feeding there isn't much in the way of a test that they can do, even if they come back to show that your hormones are out of sync, they will just tell you to step breast feeding a