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  1. aw this sounds fun!!! 1 i have normal/sensitive skin 2 my concerns are these little rash I kepp getting I think its because of the heat coz its summer, never experienced this before so it concerns me. 3 I tried, differin couldn't keep up with it made my skin irritate and jsu not nice at all. I tired clean and clear, its shit!! and that's about it 4 I DONT want to try anything again coz I never used to have spots before when I didn't used to put anything on my face. trying new products is
  2. watch embarrassing bodies on youtube that's when I realized acne isn't an issue at all.
  3. I never insulted anyone about anything to do with the way they look, like Ever! am all about swearing lol
  4. no one was born with acne so STOP putting yourself down so much. sooner or later yur skin will clear up, you just have to have faith in God. prayer always helps no one was born with acne so STOP putting yourself down so much, your skin will clear up sooner or later. keep your faith in God...and prayers help too why I keep posing and it doesn't show arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. I think yu should go and see your doctor...and good luck!
  6. getting married to the love of my life just makes me so damn happy!!

  7. Because I'm not a monk ruled by a lifelong celibate. I guess he looks much like this then: haha yur funny. sorry but this dude looks a bit too polished his more of like this with more tattoo...........isn't he hot or wat lol Did you check where it goes when you click that photo? There's more hot guys like him. Well, in part. ofcourse I know where it goes am just saying rough guys with too much tattoo are hot damnnnn
  8. Because I'm not a monk ruled by a lifelong celibate. I guess he looks much like this then:
  9. well if masturbating is causing yu to break out then why don't yu stop it ayyy and he already looks perfect to me with or without acne
  10. Yes, they do if you have acne on your face and it isn't mild. It all affects on how you look and men's looks are important to women. The effect is the same. lol well myy fiancé got acne and I never notice it coz his super confident and his good looking so his acne isn't noticeable and yu wont get the satisfaction yu will get from masturbating lol yu need a girl who can rock yu bed if yu kno wat I mean
  11. Insensitive you.Guys with acne tend who have a low self confidence.So they don't really have girls around them. Ejaculation does spike the levels of DHT (Di-hydrogen testosterone).So it may flare up your acne.At one point of time i was so desperate to get rid of my acne that i experimented with myself.I stopped masturbating for a week and noted down my observations.I did observe that there were less breakouts.So i refrained from masturbation for another week.So far so good.But then as i went
  12. why do yu need to masturbate when yu can hav sex lool
  13. thank you God for giving me a blessed life <3

  14. you can try qasil just type it on google and yu will see the women in my country use it as a beauty mask due to the harsh weather. I had little tiny white heads nearly all over my face three days ago I put the mask on for three nights, wait for it to dry for 45 minutes and gently wash it now my skin feels smooth and healthy and what ever yu do don't play around with yur face yur only gonna make matters worse. anyways yu can order it online if yu wannna try it helps with marks and scarring aswell