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  1. There's seem to be a very negative attitude here to anyone that doesn't have severe acne and it is very off putting. What's your problem people? Acne will come in different degrees, and confidence will be knocked from a little to all out avoiding people, but at the end of the day the problems share the same roots, even those fight post-acne pigmentation and/or scarring. At one point I had extreme bad acne, bigs cysts etc.., now its very very mild, but I'd like to think I'm just as welcome here
  2. Hi guys, These 3 ingredients are exactly the same in HRI Clear Complexion Tablets available from tesco for like £3. Not sure about the states though, you try googling the name.
  3. Should I try 30% glycolic acid? See pic http://www.24y.com/matt/me.jpg Or any other suggestions? I'm 22 and based in the UK. I eat well and exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, pure fruit juice etc.. I take a multi-vit a day, a vitamin B complex a day. I wash in the morning with a good oil-free face wash and use moisturizer, I tried a million and one different face washes and moisturizers so I'm pretty sure its not a problem related to them.