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  1. Hi there! I must say that I'm pretty pleased since even my last update (2 months ago); I'm trying to keep this blog going for at least a year or more so that we can discover together how well The Regimen worked for me, but also how well I can do to reduce my actual scarring (not the hyperpigmentation...that's fading nicely...) As you can see in my attached photos here, I'm just doing better and better! As I said in my last post or two, I rarely break out, and if so, only tiny ones that eas
  2. Well, it's been eight very slow-going and difficult months since (re)starting the DKR after foolishly going off of it and having the Worst Cystic Acne of my Life. Please look at the top two pics above of my progress---the discoloration is just hyperpigmentation that I'm "working" on through the use of Dan's AHA lotion and Tamanu Oil...but other than that, I have no breakouts. I get maybe a tiny one here and there but never cystic. Sadly, I have some ugly rolling scars, as you can see, mostly
  3. i don't really watch my diet much however i do try to incorporate veggies and fruit in my daily meals. i recently started taking fish oil supplements and hair skin and nail vitamins... i havent been taking them long enough to know if they work or not. i am currently using Neutrogena oil free acne wash (orange bottle) i use it with my clarisonic once a day sometimes every two days because i feel like it irritates my skin sometimes.... i am also using clean and clear astrigent with salicyic acid (
  4. I'd say moderately severe. Definitely cystic. I'm so sorry; you are so lovely and I totally have been here. Feel free to check out my blog (with pics) about the route I personally chose (Dan's Regimen). It can take a long time but I think it's gentle overall and effective.
  5. I just wanted to give you all my 6 month update....I know, that's a long time to be on The Regimen, hoping it works. Well, I think I can comfortably say that it did. I still get a couple of little breakouts here and there, but overall, it cleared my skin. What you are seeing in these pictures is all hyperpigmentation and scarring. I have to be honest and say that while I'm ecstatic about how my skin is pretty much clear now, the scarring and post-acne red marks (that apparently always fade but c
  6. I'd love to keep hearing about your progress with this---I'm only using Dan's AHA lotion and while I think it helps, I've been toying around with the idea of using a peel...do you know the percentage of glycolic acid in it? How do you like it now that it's been a few days? How often are you planning on using it?
  7. thanks, spidergirl79! your skin'll look so amazing once you're through the thick of DKR if you only have acne mildly! it took me a looooong time!
  8. Well, it's been about 2 weeks or so since my last update on the Daniel Kern Regimen aka, "Acne.org Regimen". My skin's really taken a whole new turn since that last post, wow. I am ecstatic to say that my skin continues to heal, albeit slowly. The cystic acne was pretty damaging, and so I not only had to be extra patient but also be careful in order to reduce actual textual scarring. What you see in the pics below is all hyper-pigmentation, aka, post-inflammatory acne marks. Wow, it looks so ba
  9. Hi, mtallia----I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but I'm not on Accutane. I'm using Daniel Kern's Regimen (aka, The Regimen) which involves using Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% in a very specific way. I know there are a TON of bloggers in this Acne.org community though that are using Accutane, though and I'm sure their info would be most helpful! However, I do wanna say that I personally think you should avoid popping---gosh, I so understand how tempting it is but I think the scarring isn't wort
  10. hi there! thanks for your thoughtful comments; i appreciate them! i'm afraid most of that won't work for me currently since i am still breastfeeding; particularly the chronic antibiotics and accutane, of course. sigh. i had quite bad acne a few years ago when i started using the DKR for BP and it worked very well; i'm seeing tremendous improvement already. my skin is nothing like it was 2 months ago. of course, we'll see if it can clear up as it did before when i first went on DKR back then. i'
  11. I think it's been about 2 weeks as I promised to update about how I'm doing so far (see pics below). I think The Regimen (Daniel Kern's) is working (the 2nd time around, that is---read my first post about this whole "2nd time around" process). What do you think? Most of what I see in the mirror is hyperpigmentation; sadly, I believe it's going to be a long while until most of that discoloration heals/fades. I do have some breakouts still happening on my jawline and cheeks, but nothing curren
  12. Jeez, from the looks of these photos, you wouldn't think things have gotten any better, but they have. All of the breakouts you see here are actually old ones taking forever and a day to heal, sadly, or the breakouts I got last week (week 12). So far this week, though, no new breakouts. Perhaps I've finally crossed the threshhold that Dan discusses, in which you cycle for a while through breakouts, heal a bit, breakout more, and then finally start truly healing breakout free. Also, the breakout
  13. Sitting here, looking at these photos from 3 weeks ago, it's hard to believe how fast things have already gotten better. But man, do I look awful in these photos! I specifically recall how painful my jawline felt; it was like I broke out with the last breakouts in full force. Since then (since I am now on week 13 and back-blogging things for you) my jawline has been clearing up. But overall, the breakouts were simply more concentrated areas, but smaller/less painful cysts, and certainly not laye
  14. This week was really rough---no pun intended, lol. As you can see, not what I'd call "better". But my skin was starting to just feel better, if that makes sense. Perhaps you have been following me since I started this blog to go through Round 2 of The Regimen since going off it in January of this year. So I'm technically on week 13 now and backblogging my progress for you---and I promise, things get better! Dan has a "what to expect" section on his main Regimen page with approximations of how l
  15. There is a part of me that is absolutely horrified that I'm blogging about this *with pictures*, lol. However, I'm a really open person, so I really wanted to share this journey because I understand the struggle for clear skin and how it makes a person feel to not achieve it---let alone wonder if what they're currently using is actually working. I need the support and ideas and feedback just like anyone walking around wondering, "is this even working? am I just telling myself that it is? do I l