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  1. Would recommend, very good cleanser

    I picked up this product when the lady at walgreens told me it was one of the best and that it would totally clear my acne. The product itself is quite nice, it ladders up and your skin feels very smooth afterwards but it just didnt do the job i wanted it to do, i thought it was going to help my acne but all it did was cleanse it, and when it looked like it was finally getting somewhere like after 2 weeks it didnt take it all away, the problem with this is, is takes too much time to get some pro
  2. Very nice moisturizer, would recommend

    I have very sensitive acne prone skin, i was using this moisturizer during night and day and i found that works better during the night time since it really sits into the skin and refreshes completely your whole face. Dont believe this moisturizer will take away acne because that isn't its purpose but it doesnt cause acne which is a great thing!!
  3. anelle21

    i have been using this product for about a month and it has totally cleared up my acne and my acne marks. I did experience some dryness for the first few days but after that my skin felt really smooth. I recommend this product to young skin like mind because it really works and it doesnt harm your skin at all it just makes you look better