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  1. I must become a lion hearted girl, ready for a fight before I make the final sacrifice

    1. ho talmente tanto culo che su shadowbook sono un demone ;___;

      1. “@LanaDelRey: Great Gatsby Video http://t.co/p0ko84ALdR 2 tears in solidarity” y u so beautiful?

        1. che poi ian ora sta facendo il giro delle conventions, quindi

          1. when tmi meant too much info lol

            1. La mia preside che si candida per il municipio di Roma AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

              1. secondo me lo stile indiano di selena gomez è stato influenzato da vanessa hudgens haha

                1. E PURE ALEXADRA NO I'M DONE

                  1. my city of ashes feelings I'm crying

                    1. motherfcking sore throat are you happy now because I can't sleep thank you very much

                      1. the moment when lana decided to sing my favorite song ever at the concert, which is not even on the set list ILY LANA

                        1. look at those sassy couple

                          1. I'm at Lana's concert I NEED TO BREATHE