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  1. This may be too late - sorry if it its; If you've had 2 unsuccessful courses of antibiotics with your GP then they can refer you. It does take a while, but often you'll end up seeing a Dermatologist who does both NHS and private work, so it's really about whether you're happy to wait. I saw one privately last year (Dr Tamara Griffiths in Manchester if you happen to be in the North West!) and she was great, though mine is *slowly* getting worse (and I'm on my 3rd antibiotic) so I'm going to r
  2. Hi everyone! I shave every day as I hate not being 'clean-shaven' - I have very dark facial hair, but having any stubble on show looks awful on me (I'm v slim, blonde etc!) so I'm forced to shave daily! My skin gets very irritated - ingrown hairs, breakouts, redness, razor burn, stinging etc, so I'm hoping someone could recommend a good shaving gel/shaving cream that doesn't seem to break them out? I'm currently using the Nivea Sensitive Skin one, which is ok, but not great... I live
  3. Hi! I'd definitely see your GP - you shouldn't think about how severe the acne is, but how much it affects you. I've personally seen a doctor about my acne since I was 15, despite the fact that mine has always been mild/moderate - and yours looks nowhere near severe! It might take a little while (couple of months) to see results from Benzoyl Peroxide, though it may be that you need some form of systemic treatment alongside topical - antibiotics/birth control etc. I personally find oral
  4. Hi, I'm new here and I'd really appreciate some thoughts on a question I have! Ok - here's the deal. I used Retin A 0.025% for a couple of years (for the last year with antibiotics) and it worked reasonably well. It was then discontinued in the UK so I was put on Differin which did bugger all! I've now been prescribed Isotrex gel (0.05% topical isotretinoin) which I'm thinking will act in much the same way at the Retin A! I've been using the Isotrex for a week now, and have seen a slight