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  1. Interesting I was also on antibiotics for a while, but my acne as been settled down even before I had surgery when I was only taking anti-inflamatory and pain drugs (jasavulide, exxiv, ben-u-ron, etc). If they had anything to do with it, hope they cured my acne, otherwise lol
  2. Hello everyone! I've been a very unregular poster here, since last year, but I felt compelled to come back here and post my little success story lol. I'm 26 and it could be that I'm finally growing out of it. Another factor that may have helped is that I've been dealing with some serious knee problems the last two years, had surgery recently and I pretty much stopped caring about my acne and my looks. Compared to what I'm dealing with right now what's the point right. So I pretty much let my
  3. So I guess I'm in the clear if I stay on Retin-A... BTW I’m 25 and a dude, so I really don’t worry about wrinkles, but it’s a nice bonus I guess… Thank you both for replying.
  4. Is prolonged use of retin-A ok? I'm about to finish a 30g Retin-A cream... It hasn't cured my forehead acne, but it has tamed it. I only apply once a day, sometimes twice when bumps flare up. Only side affects are a bit of dryness which I offset by a hydrating aloe vera lotion. Also, sometimes, usually in the morning, if I scratch my forehead the area scratched becomes red temporally (5-10 minutes maybe).
  5. I was on Isotrexin for a while, which kept acne (forehead area only) at bay for me. Finished it and I’ve been on retin-A for the last few weeks but results haven’t been as good as Isotrexin. Do I give it more time or should I consider something else?
  6. Questionnaire could have been a bit more though out. 1. What kind of acne do you have? Mild 2. How long have you suffered? Since the age of ~13 3. Does it affect you social life? Not really, since I can’t see my face 24/7 I mostly forget about it 4. Does it affect your diet No 5. What over the counter products are good? Don’t know 6. What over the counter products are bad? Don’t know 7. Have you been on atibotics if so what ones? Yes, don’t recall the name no
  7. I'm on Retin-A for about week now, and I have a few questions. Is applying more than once a day, really not advised? I wash my face in the morning and I don't like to wash my face more than once a day. If I wash a second time (at night), my face starts to get sore from the washing. Thing is I've read it's advised to apply Retin-A at night, but I can't bear to wash my face a second time. Would it be ok to apply Retin-A without washing? What do you people think I should do here?
  8. Nothing more life like than your own life, lol Recently the most life like movie I’ve seen was Brokeback Mountain, and no I’m not gay.
  9. I think the best is treating your acne so you get to the point you don’t have to pick at your face or not as much Telling your self not to pick is good if you have the will power, but I mean for people like me even though I know I shouldn’t do it the urge is just too strong and I forget to remind myself not to pick. It beats me every time. I don’t want to be negative though and I guess if you can tell yourself not to pick more power to you.
  10. Guilty here. I'd stop picking if my acne went away lol, if me and acne could just have a sit down and talk and reach an understanding I'd be willing to make that compromise Yeah picking bad leaves scars, make face ugly...
  11. Or much of anything else for that matter. After I let it sit, if I don't take the residue off first, whatever moisturizer/lotion I use will just smear the residue all over my forehead. I tried scrubbing it off with tissue or a towel, but found that just a light rinse with a small amount of water, and some blotting afterwards was much more effective in getting the residue off. I can't say if this is ideal or not. I'm just too lazy to be doing something more elaborate to take the residue off.
  12. I have mild-ish acne on my forehead and I'm on Isotrexin (gel) right now. I'm not using it for scarring or marks. (What's is this topic doing in this section anyhow?) Supposedly it has two active ingredients: 2% erythromycin + 0.05% isotretinoin. All I can say is that it's working for me. I haven't had big bumps in the last a month or so. I get a few very small ones here and there, but you would only notice if you're inspecting my face up close. Overhall, it's been a while since I had my forehe
  13. Never heard of that, but I'm no expert and I use a different brand of BP (Peroxiben)... can't really help you. Maybe searching the forum... A proper moisturizer should help and/or starting small and ramping up on that BP is what the Regimen suggests...
  14. Thinking it through, I doubt my penox would appreciate such austere regimens as those. I think I have my priorities straight and no one in their right mind should put a pristine blemish free face before some self administered pleasurings every now and then.
  15. So you’re basically saying no jerking off is the cure for a man’s acne... doesn’t sound very credible to me, but what do I know.
  16. I came to the conclusion that my face can’t handle washing more than once a day, usually when I shower. If I wash a second time later in the day my face feels sore. I must say that I usually can’t be arsed to wash my face very gently and that my face wash is not all that sophisticated (it’s some regular pH balanced body wash). What can I say, I’m a guy. Anyway the dryness and soreness I usually get from a second wash is just too much for me. I think it’s ok
  17. And maybe some variables could come into play. We don’t know that your thick finger’s worth is exactly the same amount of his thick finger’s worth. And the area(s) of application could also be a variable. Maybe who knows.
  18. From that thread I’m more convinced that there’s a correlation between amount and absorption. I am not dismissing that different methods of application can help with absorption.
  19. But surely even his face must have a threshold. I he were to put a pound/kilogram of BP on his face in one go, all of it will surely not absorb. Probably not enough skin to absorb a that much BP. I think everyone can get “perfect absorption� depending on the amount they use or how much their face can handle in one go. And ramping up could help. That’s the point I’m trying to make, it could be related to the issues about residue, imo anyway.
  20. Doctors diagnose ingrown airs? Never heard of that, but whatever. Yeah maybe going to a doc ain’t a bad idea Ingrown hair: cutting the hair too close or below the skin might cause it to grown in to the skin instead of outwards causing inflammation, hence a bump. Is not that hard for the ingrown hair since after shaving your face is slightly swollen and irritated. Or something like that. Is this what you have? There could be other types of bumps, but I’m no expert to speak on th
  21. I can get “perfect absorptionâ€?, what ever the hell that is, usually depending on the amount of the BP I use. I think this absorption being spoken of can be related to the amount people are using, because Dan’s regimen recommends ramping up the amount to quite a bit of BP. However much ramping up one can do, faces have a threshold so to speak. If you put too much shit, on your face, I think its common sense that all of it will not absorb. Sorry about my french. Personally, Iââ
  22. I don’t think I have Seborrheic dermatitis because to me it appears that only the bumps light up, as you put it.
  23. Sup everyone, I have mild acne on my forehead and I’ve noticed that my bumps swell up a bit and get red after I wash my face. Heres my routine: Wash with a bit of some cheap pH balanced body wash Blot with towel and wait for face to dry Apply a bit of BP (5% Peroxiben) wait for face to dry Apply oat (or oatmeal) based moisturizer I do this twice a day. The swelling and redness subsides after a while. So whats causing the swelling and redness right after washing? I thinking I need som
  24. allmorg42: I though that by athletic you meant being good at sports. I don’t know about generalizing though. I’ve met all kinds of black people, fitness and body wise. There could be all kinds of variables: age, diet, physical activities, health issues, etc. There are a lot of black people in the world, surely many of them are not athletic types. IMO, if you want to be fit, you could probably do something about it, but you can’t do much about your race except be happy wit
  25. IMO, that’s a misconception. I think sport has a lot to do with practice. If you learn and practice the sport enough eventually you’ll be good at it. I do think it can be a cultural thing, meaning mindset of a group. Example, if your peers put a lot of emphasis on sport, it’s likely you would take up a sport, put the same emphasis on it, and maybe excel at it. edit: Btw, there are white people just about in every other sport and there are a few sports which are virtually d