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  1. I would post a pic, but it looks horrible, so I'm afraid to take a picture and show it to the world! But I did get this twice before and hydrocorisone magically made it disappear. Would this happen with a normal cyst or nodule?
  2. Ok so yesterday I woke up and had what I thought was a zit forming. I applied benzoyl peroxide on it, even tried toothpaste on it for a little bit. I was hoping this would calm it down but this morning it became larger and is the size of a pencil eraser and very red. It does not hurt to touch it or when I press on it. There is no head. I got this twice before. Last time I applied hydrocortisone cream and in 3-4 days it went away and I just had a flat tiny reddish mark. Could this be a cyst or
  3. Ok I tried to do a search and I couldn't really find a clear answer about LHE. Has anyone tried it and had any success with it? I want to know before I spend the $80 for it. I've already tried blue light before and it was a total waste of my money.
  4. Ok I'm thinking about getting Levulan since I've tried everything else from accutane, to topicals, to antibiotics, to bluelight and birth control. I just have a few questions really for those who have had the treatment. I'm thinking of getting it done over the weekend but I'm worried about when I will feel comfortable to go back to school. So my questiosn are: 1) when can I put on makeup to hide the redness? 2) how long before going out in public will be ok? Would after 3 days be enough?
  5. Thanks guys for all your responses! I'll keep you updated on how the progress goes. Lets hope it starts working
  6. Hi, Wow its been so long since I've been back to this board. About a year ago I had finished my second course of accutane. Well I was clear for the longest time but then the acne started coming back. I read that Bactrim could be used for acne so I asked my mom, a doc, to prescribe me some. From what I read, a lot of people said they were clear in a week. My acne hasn't gotten better. In fact it seems slightly worse. I've only been on it 2 days, this day is my third. I was hoping I'd see som
  7. Thanks for the response. I think I'm going to go for a demi permanent dye. I'm probably going to ask my derm as well.
  8. Ok so I've got one more month of treatment left and right now I hate my hair color which is naturally medium brown but now has honey blonde highlights, so it looks sort of odd since a lot of my hair has outgrown in the 3 months I've been on accutane. I've been on accutane once but I don't remember everything about it, it was two years ago. When will my hair get its oil back? When can I dye it again?
  9. How is the second time working out for you? So far so good. Its much better than the first time. Like I mentioned once you've done it once you know what to expect. Like when I was on it the first time and I got a zits in my third month I was panicking! But now I'm less worried because I know that it can still happen and by the end of the treatment most people are clear. How much did it help you the first time? My acne became a lot milder after the first round even when it did come back. My
  10. One thing that works for me really well is acnomel. Especially because they have it in a skin color formula so you can wear it all day.
  11. I can't tell you if the second time will do it for you, since I'm just about to finish my second round but I can tell you the side effects at least I found were much less. Its just easier the seond time because you know exactly what to expect.
  12. WEEK 12 Well I thought I was going to quit but I decided not to. My derm said I needed to be on it at least four months. I decided if I've been through two months of it I'm sure I can live two months more, because if I quit early it will just come back and then all I went through would have been for nothing. Well ever since week 8 I've been clear. Right now I'm on Week 12. Right now I'm really worried. I ended up getting a zit despite me being clear for so long. Well the zit hasn't actually appe
  13. So today all of a sudden my arms felt like as if they were on fire. I mean they were really burning. So I looked and I noticed I have a bad rash on my arms. The skin is kinda red a little and it doesn't really look like a rash. I mean no bumps. I have these painful patches that are a little red, feel like fire to the touch and looks more like a burn, and it looks as if I scratched them except I haven't even scratched there at all. This is the best I can describe it. AHHH what is this rash? Am I