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  1. This is TOO funny! I am always amused at how a long time in a waiting room can create a situation similar to an episode of a sitcom. (I have a strange way of turning mundane situations in life into episodes of Seinfeld in my head...it keeps me entertained!) I can TOTALLY see this as a Seinfeld episode!
  2. Bonus for a potential partner-pineapple makes your semen taste sweet and fruity!
  3. I was breastfed for over a year. My parents were major hippies and I was born vaginally, at home in my parents bed...zero medications. My mom only ate organic, homemade and homegrown everything. Milk from the cow down the street, vegetables and fruit from the backyard garden. Honey from the apiary neighbor. I was raised on a diet of the same. I had severe acne (even after 2 rounds of accutane) for 25+ years, up until a few months ago.
  4. 15 years after Accutane, I still have this problem.
  5. I am a mother of 2 and have changed all the products I use on my daughters because of harsh ingredients. Please check the ingredient list on your product and compare to this article. The one thing we are all trying to achieve is beautiful skin, I hope this helps you to stay on that path to keeping your skin pretty! READ INGREDIENTS ON ALL YOUR PRODUCTS and research the ingredient if it is unfamiliar. Be cautious to not fall into the trap of believing that the word 'baby' in the name of a product
  6. Florencienne, I was thinking the exact same thing when I looked at the pictures. Those lips are my what I dream of! I paid a heap of money for my plastic surgeon to make my lips look like his, to no avail. I didn't even notice any acne, your features are so perfect! I have parked my white van with tinted windows around the corner, waiting to creep on you! Lol, you are a very handsome young man, Congrats on the success of your clear skin! Now, get out there and make use of those fabulous lips; KI
  7. Ooh! Thank you, thank you, thank you melmel87! That app is so awesome!
  8. You say retinoids affect lipids in sebum; is this in a positive way? Are retinoids recommended or not?
  9. Since beginning supplements to clear my skin, and changing up my diet, my bowel movements became less than regular. Regardless of the amounts of water, fiber, magnesium, smooth move tea and all that good stuff, my belly was bloated and backed up for days. I started drinking a big glass of warm water (on the hotter side of warm, but temperate enough for me to drink without burning) first thing in the morning. Drink the warm water slowly, one gulp at a time, within about 4-5 minutes. Even if I don
  10. I have had great success with D3 and have no problem digesting my D3 pills, but suppose someone does; is there a D3 injection available (from a Dr, of course)? Would it be as effective, say, once a month, in comparison to daily supplementing? Just curious.
  11. The FDA is not independent of Big Ag, hence my statement, "I am under the impression that the NON GMO label is bullshit".
  12. Whom is responsible for the regulatory standards for NON GMO foods in our grocery stores? The FDA? (Ha!) And if Whole Foods has already admitted to selling foods that are GMO, without telling us that they have been all along, and without telling us WHAT those products are, how can we be sure those products aren't fruit and vegetables, or the labeled NON GMO foods? I am under the impression that the NON GMO label is bullshit. PLEASE tell me I'm wrong (or right). I am really tired of being duped.
  13. You can try calling around to several different pharmacies and ask if they carry the specific generic manufacturer's medication for you are looking. Or, if you ask the pharmacist at your present pharmacy, they may order the generic special for you. Walmart offered to do this for me, without my having to ask. The special ordered rx came in the next day. How's that for service?!
  14. Link to one study on histamine rich foods: [Link removed] Google: 'foods that cause histamine reaction', the studies and information are endless. The link I posted above is one of many.