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  1. Hi emu. I had a rolling scar for about a year and had used retin a for about a year and the scar has really started to fade You should really try it out
  2. I've been drinking a lot of water lately and i can say my skin texture has improved greatly
  3. Hello jc. How were the results with liver flush 8-[ I'm thinking of giving it a go but would like to know if it does work
  4. Hi, i just searched on the search tool for dermablend and read many good posts about how good it is at covering any sort of hyperpigmentation. Though i came across one post which said that one poster found it hard to cover the pigmentation inside a pit even with dermablend. Does anyone know why it would be more difficult camouflaging the hyperpigmentation if its in a pit (rolling scar,etc)? Wouldnt the make up still be touching the skin and making a difference? Im quite confused 8-[ Any hel
  5. Someone must be able to help me here 8-[
  6. Im wondering what atrophic scars are? I checked the FAQs but it says nothing about it. Are there any different to box, ice pick and rolling scars? Thanks, Jamie
  7. Yeh im afraid to tell you it probably might be eczema. I got it after a lot of harsh face washing #-o Theres areas where i havent got it but i mainly got it on the inside of my cheeks next to the nose.
  8. Hey, i know this thread is quite old but im wondering if anyone still might know whether it would be safe for me to get vbeam if i got eczema prone skin where my broken capillary is. Thanks