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  1. So I got an offer to go to the beach next weekend. Thing is, I have a lot of red marks that are fading pretty quickly (Look into Scarzone for any of you who haven't already, stuff works miracles I swear, just gotta rub it for 3 minutes). And I'm honestly pretty afraid of being out in the sun all day. I want to go, I really don't want to go to the beach and then deal with really darkened marks for the next few months as a result. Will sunscreen (SPF 70) be enough to prevent this? What can
  2. So a couple weeks ago I got a MASSIVE pimple on the corner of my chin. Biggest thing I have ever had. It came up under a hyper pigmentation spot and was dark brown and horrendous. It sort of came to a head but not all the way, but in like 3 places! Then while I was goddamn EATING I felt a sharp pinch and it was gushing shit. I raced to go push all the crap out and it scabbed. So, here I am, 2 weeks later with a large, nonpainful brown lump with a crapoload off sebum underneath it. And I have n
  3. I've been using a hot towel on the spots for 2 days or so now.. Nothing's coming up this isn't my first rodeo with acne at all, but this is the first time this has happened to me
  4. How long did it take you to heal it? I've had mine for around 5 days and it's not going anywhere :/ I'm freaking out here. I just want everything to come to a head so I can pop it and fix the marks... But literally nothing is coming to a head! There is no end in sight!
  5. Like the title says, nothing seems to bring a bunch of large bumps to the surface
  6. So I have had extreme success in fighting acne, largely in thanks to Neutrogena stuff in addition to cutting out most dairy and withdrawing sugar for a while. Had some marks but faded them quickly thanks to that Scar Zone stuff. However, very recently I got my first pimple in months on my upper lip area below the nose. I kinda freaked I guess, and let it sit as a whitehead for a day before trying to pop it. Clear pus came out instead of a large amount of white crap. It looked like I got it all
  7. Alright so my acne is on it's way out, thank the Lord... but I'm left with an awfully scarred chin. I want to throw up whenever I look at it . Anyway, I've been using solely Neutrogena Products and Benzoyl Peroxide to eliminate acne and it worked well. But for the marks, I'm wondering if Aloe Vera would work (Just hyper pigmentation... a lot of it) But would using it prevent the Toner/Cleanser from helping? On a side note, I tried using Aloe without any moisturizer because the bottle clai
  8. Alright, so last fall after breaking up with my at-the-time Girlfriend, I started to breakout like crazy. I had some pimples here and there before then, but nothing bad. But my chin quickly turned into a mess. I started avoiding the gym because everytime I went the sweat would make me break out. The lack of working out has caused me to make the decision to quit football, which I LOVE, in order to help get rid of acne. Today, with my chin being a scarred mess, and a rather small but irritating b
  9. So the skin on my chin is so hypersensitive, that if ANYTHING touches it, be it a tttiiiinnnnnyyyy drop of sweat, or my jacket collar, or my headphone chord, it breaks out. I have a lot of scarrin there that I really want to get rid of. I know Mederma might not work for some people but I want to give it a shot. Can I still use Mederma on my chin, even though I'm prone to breakouts there?? And no, I am not using Lemon or any of that crap. I did once and burned my face. Thank Heavens it wen
  10. Alright, so I have a really scarred chin that breakouts out whenever ANYTHING, be it the collar of my shirt to my headphone chords, and I just hate it . I want to start healing the red marks and hyperpigmentation, but I know I have to wait till stop breaking out. BUT, I can't stop. It just keeps coming and coming. I haven't been to the gym or worked out in months because of it, it's a huge blow I'm even giving up football, which I absolutely love to play, because of it. It came to my at
  11. Eh I don't know though.... I'm afraid of doing that because I feel like it might get worse. Do you really think that my skin can't protect itself? Is that the problem?
  12. Hey everybody! I'm new to the forums so if this is the wrong section, I apologize! Anyway, I wanted to talk about the fact that if literally ANYTHING touches my face, I break out in that spot. Sweat, skin, jacket/shirt collars, headphone chords, you name it. If it grazes my chin, I get a big ole zit right there. My chin has become a horribly scarred mess. I haven't been to the gym in months, and I gave up football because my acne was getting to the point where I couldn't stand i