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  1. you have to take life's ups and downs, believe me when I say that in a relationship the persons face is the last of your problems. Its the mental problems that alot of people have that you should worry about.
  2. accept the fact that you have scars and dont spend your time worrying about them. At least he was honest and didnt give you false hope and take your money. Ive never seen a before and after of someone with indented scars that impressed me to any degree with laser or anything else so you havent missed much.
  3. life has no meaning until you give it one. I dont agree with Doctors throwing anti depressant pills at everyone who walks through their doors feeling down. If your husband doesnt understand you and you cant talk to him about it, thats strange for someone who you are married to? Good luck
  4. eat healthy, exercise and go to a doctor. You have to accept how you are at this point in your life and try and get through it, it will get better.
  5. Just try to tell yourself that its not forever and it will get better eventually in most cases. Its never as bad as you think it is.
  6. The miracle cure is to stop letting your mood be entirely dictated by the way you look. At every stage of life you will have challenges and they never stop coming. When your acne disappears and you get older it will be wrinkles. You are setting yourself up for a lifetime of fussing over the way you look when you could be enjoying the short time you have on this planet.
  7. If you have confidence, a traditionally unattrative man can date a beautiful woman. A guy I know is pretty bad in the looks department but has dated alot of attractive women. Its all to do with attitude and the way you carry yourself. He never seems to hang on to any of them though.
  8. wow haven`t been here in ages. Anyway, as i have a bit of time on my hands, the following has cleared my skin (finally) after trying every prioduct in existance. Mybe you care maybe you dont but if u trying to find something to try , i would try this. the stuff i`ve tried = panoxyl, minocycline, tetrocycline, erthromycin, bactroban, zinerty, retin a, accutane (twice) and finally B5, eating a rabbit diet (thought it cleared me but came back) none of which worked. then i tried Quinoderm . T
  9. same thing happened to me with Roaccutane....what a joke.
  10. whats the point of this post. If you dont want to buy his BP dont buy it. Too many 'victims' on these boards. Quit complaining and sort your fucking lives out.
  11. hi guys just reading this post with interest. I am taking B5, well i have been for months now. The thing i noticed was that not all B5 brands are the same. I took a brand in capsule form for the first 2 months. I noticed that most of this was leaving my body in the form of fluorescent urine (nice!) I swictched to a powder form and lo and behold the stuff starts working and i dont have acne problems now, just scars! anyhoo, my 2 cents is to take powder not capsule. I`m not saying capsul
  12. My doctor said to wait a year before you touch your scars. The reason is because during this time your scar improves and may actually disappear completely. If you start tinkering around with your skin before this time you may inhibit the natural healing process and end up with a worse result than if you had done nothin at all. So just wait a year from the time of your last scar and you you may be pleasantly surprised!
  13. i think its definitely due to the prescritpion of all these anti-biotics by doctors. Thats why acne is so much more common because it creates a super strain of acne bacteria that stays around longer than normal...i wish i had never started on the slippery slope when i was first prescribed Minocycline. At the time though i would have done anything to get rid of it.....i should have just toughed it out and it would probably be gone by now!
  14. I do not believe this type of approach will help everyone to reduce their acne to a point where it is of little or no concern to them; i do however think it is worth trying if you have suffered from acne and conventional drug therapies have failed....i mean what do you have to lose? a few weeks of not eating bread and cereal to see if it works. If it doesn`t work you can resume your normal diet. I got alot of info on this subject by simply typing 'bread + acne' into a few search engines.