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  1. Prissy

    1 Year!

    Results for being on the regimen with acne.org products after one year! A year later! I sucked at keeping track of my progress but I'm here now! It has been a year since I started the regimen and all I can say is WOW! MIRACLE! If you look at my pictures from before and look at my pictures from now, it is shocking. I can't believe my acne was that bad, its painful to look at. I can honestly say the regimen with acne.org products has 100% healed my acne. I still get a few pimples here and there b
  2. Prissy

    9 Weeks

    Results for being on the regimen with acne.org products after nine weeks. MIRACLE! My face has gotten 100 times better than before I started the regimen! Already family and friends can't stop telling me how great my face looks! It's only been nine weeks and I can't tell you how much I love acne.org! I still have a while to go but it's fine with me cos its only getting better and better! I have only gotten a few minor pimples which go away after a few days and I have scarring which I hope will
  3. Prissy

    3 Weeks

    Results for being on the regimen with acne.org products after three weeks. Skin is getting so much better! I've only gotten maybe 2 pimples since and they were the tiniest of pimples and left right away. So far so good! The only thing is my skin has turned a slightly orangish tint which is fine because I had read before that others were experiencing the same thing because of using the acne.org moisturizer. I don't mind and I love it anyways. My skin is so much smoother and softer now.
  4. Prissy


    Before starting the Regimen with Acne.org products. My skin before starting the regimen is very dry, peeling, dull. I have cystic acne all along my jaw and cheeks. I've never had acne this bad. My face did not look like this 4 months ago. Within that span of time my face blew up and I do not know the cause since I have been using the same face wash for almost 7 years. I visited with my doctor and they were sure that it is all hormonal since I'm no longer a teenager. I've done research and it se