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  1. I'm using the delicate brush head with the Cerave Hydrating Cleanser and I use it on the low speed at night. It's my time of the month so I'm thinking that's why I'm starting to break out. I don't know anymore lol I just want clear skin, dammit.
  2. Oh man, I'm sorry! I hope the Ziana works for you! I read that the clarisonic purges your skin for the first couple weeks so I'm really hoping that my face will start to clear up soon. Did your clarisonic break you out?
  3. My skin started to clear up at the end of month two. I went through a purging phase too that lasted awhile.
  4. I've seen her videos! I swear I've seen every video ever made regarding ziana and read every review too. Her videos gave me more hope though for some reason, I guess since she looks like she's closer to my age lol. Is this your first acne treatment?
  5. I haven't ever heard of PCOS! I'm not sure if that's what causes mine or not since mines hormonal too. I was put on OrthoCyclen my sophomore year (two years ago) and I never noticed a difference in my skin until I forgot to take it for like a week and my skin went crazy. I got a lot of white heads too after starting Ziana but they would go away after a couple days. I also was prescribed Aczone. What's your current regimen??
  6. My skin was a lot better before switching cleansers! I only had some slight scarring that was fading fairly fast and then one slightly big pimple before switching cleansers I'm also on birth control and I noticed that if I don't take it religiously at the same time every day my skin will break out more often than usual. I Was actually looking at the Neutrogena Pore refining cleanser but I might hold off on it and see what my skin does in the next couple months. What kind of acne do you have??
  7. I'll hit my three month mark on the first of November and right now my skin is so-so. I switched to a new face wash at the beginning of this month and it made me break out like crazy so I still have some scarring from that. I also purchased a Clarisonic Mia 2 and have been using that for a week now and all the bumps that were under my skin are starting to come to the surface. I do like the ziana, it clears my pimples up faster and is gentle. I'm sorry that your purging! It sucks and makes it see
  8. I'm 90 percent sure my skin is purging. Lots of active little pimples on my chin and a couple on the left side of my face. I expected a purging period since my skin hates me, ha. It is only the beginning of my third week with these medications so I'm hoping it'll start to get better next week when I hit the one month mark. Especially since I start school on Tuesday. I'd rather not show up with a face full of breakouts. I do find that the aczone helps with redness though! My skin is still slightl
  9. Yes I will I'll be doing an update on the ziana and aczone routine at the end of the week!
  10. I decided I wanted to tell people about my experience with differin so I figured I would start a blog on here! Background on my skin, I started getting acne when I was in 6th grade, never severe but pretty moderate. Then my freshman year I decided to go on birth control to see if it would help, and it did a little bit but not much. During my sophomore year i found out I have sensitive skin that reacts badly to benzoyl peroxide, harsh face scrubs, and some other random things. Lucky me, right? At