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  1. Amazon Princess

    Considering Accutane?

    I was on this website a few years back. At the time I was just starting DKR and it worked fairly well for me up until now. I don't want to discourage anyone because it really is an amazing product however I feel that my skin does not react to it anymore. Along with that I can't find a moisturizer that works with my skin since it's very oily, most moisturizers break me out so I refrain from using one and that makes my skin very hard and my pores look huge. I've recently started to just consider g
  2. Amazon Princess

    Accutane - does it work?

    Is this a joke?
  3. Amazon Princess

    Finally Starting The Regimen!

    Day 148(omg!!): I've been having some bad break outs, maybe because of the junk food I've been eating, lots of chocolate, and Cheetoswwhich I know make me break out!! I haven't used the peel yet cause it's been extremely hot this summer but I'm waiting for it to get cold sothe sun won't damage my skin. I've been pretty depressed too.. So that might be another reason I'm breaking out, mainly boy troubles, but I'll gey through it Hope you guys are havin an awesome day!! =)
  4. Amazon Princess

    Finally Starting The Regimen!

    Day 105: Hey everyone I'm back here and things are still going great.. I've been using lemon juice for scars and I don't feel like it's doing much but it does make my face feel fresh lol. I'm gonna use glycolic peels, starting at 20% to see how I like it and then I might increase. I've also been using vitamin E gel, and it's working for other scars so I might use it on my face too.. I'll report back to you guys when I start using the peel, wish me luck
  5. Amazon Princess

    Rebel With A Cause

    I'm so glad things are looking better for you, you deserve it <3 Keep us updated hun
  6. Amazon Princess

    Finally Starting The Regimen!

    Thank you darling, I agree on that. I kight just try to fade them naturally. Day 97: Hellooo guys just coming on here to say I have a pimple on my lip and it's really bugging me! lol other than that I have 2 other ones that are drying up.. I've noticed that I only remain clear when I don't eat junk food! so that's really what it is..unfortunately the regimen doesn't stop me from breaking out if I eat junk food lol. I will def try to stop but can't guarantee anything I'm thinking about s
  7. Amazon Princess

    Flagg's Regimen Log [Pics]

    so happy for you buddy. I haven't tried cutting down but I don't want to break out! lol so I will keep doing it this way til things get better, meaning all my scars are gone
  8. Amazon Princess

    Finally Starting The Regimen!

    Day 92:3 Months and 1 week on Regimen! Ok I don't know how long it's been but my face continues to do well, I still get very small breakouts but they go away after a few days. Now what I am really focused on is my scars, they're really bad and I feel like even though my face is clear those scars still make it look bad.. but I am sooo so grateful that this miracle has happened and I will keep striving for picture perfect skin lol. I'm probably gonna do chemical peels, not sure yet but I am still
  9. Amazon Princess

    Flagg's Regimen Log [Pics]

    Awwww, I have not been encouraging you guys for some time!! I hope they give you a call back I'm also looking for a new job, I can't stand my managers and minimum wage is not enough for everything I do!! Your skin looks absolutely great btw!
  10. Amazon Princess

    Rebel With A Cause

    Keep at it Sasch, I'm pretty sure that something you are using is causing that reaction.. what is everything that you are using?
  11. Amazon Princess

    Finally Starting The Regimen!

    Day 76: Hello my peepss I'm so sorry I have not posted in so long, I've not forgotten you guys and I would never bc I love you guys! I tried to log in a couple days ago and it wasn't letting me but everything's good now, so time for my update I am 99% clear I would say, I have tiny little ity bitty bumps on my chin but they're not even visible. I'm so happy right now that words just can't describe! I don't know if this is gonna last for long but I really hope that it does!! I'm gonna be
  12. Amazon Princess

    Finally Starting The Regimen!

    Could it be hormone related? I usually get my hormone spots the week before my period. I do find that the earlier I spot treat with AHA, the sooner it goes away, or it doesn't really even come out. You know, now that I think about it, it might have been that. I always break out a week or so before my period as well Yes it has definitely cleared up, and I am so happy right now!! Yes, sometimes it takes people up to 6 months so don't give up darling!!
  13. Amazon Princess

    Finally Starting The Regimen!

    Day 66: Hi guyss I've decided to only post on here when I see major changes in my face and today is one of those days! It's changed for the bad unfortunately, I have 6 actives on my face, one on my forehead, 2 under my chin, 1 on my right cheek, and 2 others on my left cheek I'm not like super bummed but it does make me wonder what I've been doing wrong, apart from eating junk food lol & I think it might be due to not doing the Regimen 12 hrs apart everyday, sometimes I do 9 then someti
  14. Amazon Princess

    Rebel With A Cause

    I agree with NicMic, you should should spot treat with the AHA and see if that works for you first. I wait like 10-15 mins, I really feel like just reducing the amount but since it's an important step, I won't Hoping the best for you
  15. Amazon Princess

    Flagg's Regimen Log [Pics]

    I really want to use AHA with all the success people are having with it. I want these breakouts to go away for good!! lol anyways, I'm happy for you buddy and hope the only once a day thing works for you