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  1. Hey guys i just started using the regimen but what the best way to use the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser
  2. Hey am from the uk and I know that the shipping method is quite expensive then the product itself has anyone from the uk used any other shipping method then the recommended one and did you have any problems with receiving your product through customers please someone get back to so I can place my order asap.
  3. @eBun321 hey yh the price is a lot for the shipping but am a bit worried if I use the other shipping methods I won't get my product what shipping method did you use and did your product get to
  4. thank you all so much this information is a great help am defo going to try it. and i might just but the BP like recommended once again thanks guys.
  5. hi ive recently heard about the acne org regimen i have read some very good reviews but am from the uk and i haven't seen or read anything from people from the uk about this product so if there is anyone out there can you please let me know if you have ordered and recieved your product without any problems this will help me very much when i place my order. thank you