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  1. i dont know anything about dosage -- that's something i DONT know, dont research -- and will always recommend you ask the dema that gave you it (and probably ask a more reliable dema if that one is suspect)
  2. i turned off notifications though i had this tab still open. and yes that is a perfect summary. pm is the only way ill get your msg. pm is open, ill add it to the guide if it's worthwhile =)
  3. no you dont need to for sunscreen if it's non-comedogenic (as i already said) but i dont care anymore -- http://www.acne.org/makeup.html
  4. i just rewrote my sig before =) someone said there was a collection of studies, not sure how reliable, i'll have to look through one day -- and anyone can send me any other (just one) high quality thing to look through
  5. safer to ignore unreliable claims. <-- this is part quality research skills (if someone had bad research skills, they would go around researching every single claim out there) i suggest you do the same. but im going to make a second reply to explain and help others anymore so turning off this notification. and any insightful person would understand i posted that to make a point (a good first post would've had a source, but i've learned not to expect this on a forum that allow basicall
  6. yes you are right, i am endorsing against it, and ppl should speak with technical precision as to not cause confusion though this is a public forum.. and i guess a few of us will never be satisfy with that benchmark :/ i made a personal rule of one reply per thread as i do not know what naughty things i'll say in the future...............................
  7. i would love to advise you on the pill topic though this is best left to the demotalogist that prescribed it to you, or any knowledgable one would do =)
  8. that's not what they should be looking for, they should be looking for reliable reviews, not a random people claiming to have used it why am i replying to trite? back to important things
  9. more commerical junk with no scientific evidence -- great -- have evidence pm me
  10. "I had an ALLERGY" -- one of a few, i care about the majority "up to the individual" -- and for the OP, that person is right that it doesnt matter much, but generally cleansers are gentler, so it matters enough, use a cleanser from any good company. and it's not your choice (that is a silly idea to proportionate letting people choose) -- look at what people choose -- fast food junk and tons of trash -- don't think you're able to choose optimally (this is why you asked on a forum) you shoul
  11. i dont get or read nonsense that arent pm show scientific evidence or undeniable 500+ surveys
  12. added to list of bans and woodoo magic -probiotic -smelling the scent of ancient herbs will make me fly -i started eating toilet paper, and guess what? IT WORKS! if you have hard scientific evidence/studies, or daily photos over the course of 2 mths to send, pm me thanks
  13. not sure what is going on here but seems someone is back, go help -->