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  1. i was already on an SSRI when i started to take accutane and contine to take it today.
  2. i used it forever until i couldnt find the creme cleanser anymore, never had any zits at all until i had to use something else. hell ever since.
  3. You can mix them, my cleanser has a triple AHA formula plus BHA. It has glycolic, lactic, and malic acids, and the only bha, which is salicylic acid.
  4. changed my mind about post
  5. $800/month, $400/month for generic plus the doctors visits and the cost of blood work, both monthly.
  6. one time, my friend spilled a beer on my crotch, i was so afraid i was going to get a yeast infection, lol
  7. go with accutane, I never had side effects, its the only thing.
  8. After you stop Accutane, wait a month and then start tanning, you wont be able to notice the red marks.
  9. Just tell him you are unhappy with results, and that you want to try accutane. Dont wait for him to suggest it.
  10. use an electric razor and just trim dont shave it all off
  11. Good luck on the GED, what happened to ur hand, looks painful.
  12. I think you should stay on it, you are almost done and have gone this far already, dont give up!
  13. i took it for the 1st time when i was 18, for like 3 months, then took it again at 20 for about 6 months, was clear up until 23, took it again for 6 months, its been about 9 months since i stopped, im okay cept for the occasional forehead zit, I would take it again in a heart beat tho, if only I had insurance again, dammit. I wish u could buy it at CVS right next to the Robotussin!