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  1. Won't my face dry out and flake like crazy then if i follow this?
  2. I saw the progress you made, and its awesome! Just a couple questions though: Would you reccomend AHA? Also my cetaphil moisturizer slightly burns when i put it on and it feels greasy so should i switch to something else like jojoba oil?
  3. Are you positive that it's my diet? Is there any way to prove this? i typically eat: Cereal in the morning, PB&J and chips for lunch, and many different things for dinner including meat, pasta, etc I pretty much cut soda and fast food off
  4. Hmm, the cetaphil cream has good reviews, but maybe it just isnt for me.. And no I don't smoke, looks like I'll just have to see a dermatologist. 3 months seems like a while, but dan said patience was key, so I guess i'll have to be patient with this one.
  5. Hello all, I'm an 17 year old male with an acne problem that came out of no where, I have a hunch that its hormonal acne, but I'm not sure. I started off battling my acne with Neutrogena Facial cleanser and just that, turns out I needed to moisturize after using it, so I picked up Clean&Clear dual action moisturizer with salicylic acid to use after. Well, those two things didn't work so I researched a little and stumbled upon the Acne.Org regimen. Well, I couldn't buy Dans product's so