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  1. Hi all! My first language is Welsh and I also speak fluent English. Any other Welsh folk here?
  2. There is always need for proof and evidence!!
  3. just saying that i started the vinagr method tonight (been doing the lemon thing for a week or so), i'll keep you posted on how things go! thanks a million for the advice,
  4. I've cut back completely off the BP gel for a few days, as my skin is really peely and very sore. BP has helped a lot to clear my active acne, just those red marks now!! #-o However they seem to be clearing slowly too, not sure if it's down to BP or what, but I have been drinking lots of lemon juice and just started the vinegr method. Gonna start BP again in the next few days. I use this moisturiser now too, but I don't use it the same time as BP, I did this the first time, and my skin went
  5. yeah, what's wrong with milk? i'm sure it's not "full of crap"
  6. Thanks for the advice:o) When i woke up today my skin was very peely, horrible!! I've got a football match now and i'm in to minds wether to go or not... i think i better go!
  7. Week 2 My skin does seem better, however it's really red and painfull, my skin has gotten so dry! I also have red lines around my eye area, it's very od. Also my skin is very peely. I think I used too much BP to begin with, i'll cut back for the next few days to see how it goes. I do use a moisturiser, but it stings like hell, i think i'm gonna have to find a new one. I had a mild breakout above my right eyebrow today, but that could be due to things going on in my head!! ](*,) Anyone
  8. hey bern, I get the shiny effect to, you're right it does look a bit strange! Not sure what to do about it though!
  9. Hi, I too am using it, but today is my second day, so unable to give any proper insight yet, however my skin complexion seems to have improved. raar
  10. Hi all! Anyone ever tried tea tree oil towards their acne? How did it work? Thanks, raar
  11. hi again, just finished putting on the bp creame, and i had trouble getting it all to absorb, anyone else had this problem? what did you do? thanks, raar
  12. Hi all!! Just started my regime today, so i thought i better keep a log! At the moment, my skin is quite bad, but I think a lot of it is due to red marks, but there are a few spots too. What do you find works best for red marks? I'll be in touch, raaar!