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  1. Hi everyone, I live in Singapore and can't seem to find Dr Dan's Cortibalm sold anywhere here! Does anyone in Singapore know where I can buy this? I've tried ordering from some online sites like Amazon.com or Lovelyskin, but they charge like US$40 for shipping! Insane! Thanks a million!
  2. Katiebell, Maybe I'll approach this from another angle. If your boyfriend can't accept you with zits and all, then maybe he doesn't truly love you. It's better to discover this now, than years down the road when one day you forget to apply makeup and he sees it for the first time and gets all repulsed. My own experience is that when my girlfriend and I started dating early in our relationship, I noticed that one day she appeared for the first time without makeup, and I did realize her skin w
  3. El_Nino, I'm currently on 40mg, just started this week. I went first on 10mg every other day, then 20 mg a day, then 30 mg a day, and now 40mg. My doc wanted me to acclimatize to the accutane. Actually when i first started 30mg, i had to go back to 20 mg for a while cos my lips got really swollen!
  4. atrocious, I'm really happy for you! We're all cheering you on!
  5. I started using BP first. Here's the story: When I first started using BP, it made me believe in concepts like miracles and magic. My zits, which had plagued me worse than the sub-prime crisis is currently plaguing financial markets, evaporated! Alas, the effects of BP were shortlived. After about 2 years of using BP, it totally lost its effectiveness. So I used SA as well. I find that it worked pretty ok only for smaller zits and blemishes. For the Bigfoots and Abominable Snowmen of the acn
  6. El Nino, Great to hear you are improving! Can i check with you on what is your dosage? Me taking 30 mg now. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! Started this thread as a rendezvous point for people in Singapore to talk about anything acne-related. We can discuss perceptions of acne in Singapore, places for treatment, types of treatment, where to buy over-the-counter products, and even random celebrity acne gossip (i.e. is it true stephanie sun has acne??) This is meant to be a fun place for us to share our experiences and lend support to each other in our fight against acne! Ok let me start the ball rolling... How ha
  8. Porovoz, I totally agree with your suggestion that the dose could factor in. For me, each time I upped my dosage, I broke out. When I first started on 10mg, I broke out with just one giant one. Then when on 20 mg, more (but less gigantic). And when I got onto 30 mg, I broke out again but again smaller ones that when on 20mg. I wonder if as you keep upping the dose, you will break out but of decreasing severity each time? My regimen from the derm was to slowly increase the dose, so my exp
  9. thanks for the replies guys! any good brands of chapstick to recommend? I'm using Nivea Repair and Protect and it's the best for me so far. I was surprised that Neutrogena made my lips worse, but it did. I suspect that the more greasy chapsticks somehow exacerbated my lips. Less oily ones like Nivea were better. Wonder why?? And I'm a guy with originally full thick lips (think angelina jolie) so getting even thicker lips ain't really that sexy! Some of my closer friends tease me by saying i ha
  10. hey girl, i think u shld be fine. I've done shit like that before and almost always nothing bad happens. At most u may get a flattish red mark but that almost always fades with time and is easy to hide with concealer. Sure it looks a mess now but it shld clear up. In the meantime, do u have any antibiotic/antiseptic cream/lotion to put on it? Stuff like dalacin. Just to prevent any further infection. Hope this helps!
  11. Once upon a time... Only this isn't a fairy tale but my real-life story! LOL I had this mofo of a cyst between my eyebrows that stayed for like one month. Seriously, seriously affected my mood and I got really frustrated started feeling what I think were the infant stages of depression. So anyway, finally it comes down to about 15% of its original size. It remains at this state for a couple of weeks and I get worried and frustrated. Frustration at it not going down fully, and worry that it m
  12. Oil Aboard? Great! Did anyone experience fluctuations in oil production while on tane? Here's my story: started with 10mg, skin dried nicely. Went up to 20 mg, skin was fine but after few weeks, suddenly started getting oilier again! Then after a few wks, while still on 20mg, skin gets less oily again. Then i went on 30mg and initially my skin got oilier again! Then as days progressed, by day 7 or 8 of being on 30mg, skin lessens in oiliness again. Does oil production increase each time w
  13. lovsit19, the cort shot should be fine. I was on 20 mg when this mother of all freaking cysts (by far one of the largest i've ever had, and I suspect might make it into the Guiness Book of Records as King Cyst'la Zit) in the middle of eyebrows! What a great place eh! Anyway, it got so big and disturbing and was seriously affecting my morale and mood. So I went to surf acne forums and learnt about cortisone shots and decided I had to go for it. I went for it and it started goin down almost im
  14. (no_mercy, I luv ur profile pic! ) Anyway, i too got my nose covered in small blackheads since starting tane. This happened about a month in. I've been using this product from Biore that's a sticky strip that u stick on your nose for 10 mins and then u peel it off and the blackheads get removed by sticking to the strip. Works well in removing loads of blackheads each time but I never manage to clear them all and they keep coming back! Thanks guys for informing me that this explosion of blac
  15. Atrocious, I feel your pain. But perhaps you cld look at things from another perspective: If your girl can stick with you throughout your fight against acne, then she's definitely a girl worth keeping and being with. Maybe u cld try and explain to her acne affects you and how much it influences you. People without acne problems often don't realize the emotional (and physical) pain us acne-sufferers go through, so it wld help them alot to explain to them patiently what we go through 24-7.