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  1. Thank you, Sasch83. We have been doing some dietary things as well--gluten free, dairy free, limiting sugar as much as we can (she doesn't consume a lot). She's a very petite person (5'; 109 lbs). She eats pretty healthy but I know she could step up her exercise. Her skin is very sensitive, too. I know when I was getting her different face washes to try, even Purpose Gentle Cleanser left her face very dry. Can you (or anyone) explain more about the retinoids? What is the lowest
  2. I'm new to the forum, but actually looking for some ways to help my 20 year old daughter who started suffering from worse acne last fall. Up until then, she'd have pimples here and there--not small ones, but they'd be in isolation and scattered--maybe 2-3 on her forehead, 2-3 on her chin, 2 or so on each temple. We didn't think it was a big deal. She used Phisoderm Antiblemish wash for about 3 years prior to that. She had a bad breakout on the right side of her cheek last fall (left was c
  3. I'm concerned about my 20 year old daughter finding a job as well because of her acne. She doesn't wear makeup, but I'd like to try to find a concealer, foundation--*something* she can use on her face that won't make the acne worse. Any suggestions out there? TIA!