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  1. @FriskyCreek your comment on a psychiatrist says everything I need to know about you. IPL is the only recommendation my dermatologist has made. I've seen maybe 6 dermatologists about this redness and most say I just need to give it time. It's been four years. Yes, when I'm 152 years old I'm sure it will fade slightly. Great treatment plan doc! Honestly the doctors just don't care. And I don't blame them because I don't really care about them either. I'm just another patient who pays his co-pay a
  2. This photo was taken a while ago and I've posted it on this board before. The redness is still there and its been 4 years. @Kid Charlemagne, tell me again how thankful I should be. @Robertitoo, I've had this since I was 19.
  3. I visited my dermatologist yesterday and got an IPL laser, now its even more red -- I cant even relate to anyone on these forums, everyone else has something pop up and go away in a couple of weeks/months, never something like this. I feel literally disfigured because of this spot on my face. It's not just the redness, ever since this popped up years ago there has been more puffiness under one eye than the other. My face isn't symmetric anymore and I'm about ready to check out.
  4. Thank you for the reply MiraculousTea. You're right, it is PIE. PIE is just not talked about much on the internet. I've never heard of taking digestive enzymes for this. I'll also add that I think it's strange that PIE just returned out of nowhere with no real reason. I had this spot vbeamed until it was gone last time and now its back? With no new cyst or acne? Again, there is not a lot information on this anywhere on the internet and it really does make me wonder if this is to be expected o
  5. I really need all of your help. I am at the edge of my wits and am mentally in a very bad spot. Please help me. 3 years ago now I had an acne black head that inflamed into a huge cyst (we are talking huge). This happened right under my eye and honestly I was mortified by this cyst that literally became bigger than my eye. After 6 days of having it I was able to see my derm who drained it and gave me a cortisone shot. The inflammation went down but the skin remained red. I immediately deve
  6. An update for future readers: It's been exactly 4 weeks since the sunburn and all of the redness has ALMOST gone away. My face is just an even shade of light-pink; no blotchy spots anymore. I'm confident this will fade within another 2 weeks.
  7. Update: the spot literally scabbed up. Then the scab fell off (on its own). And now the spot is a light pink and has been like this for roughly 2 days. So I'm not sure if its PIH that will last a long time or just your normal pink skin after a scab falls off that lasts a week or two.
  8. Well honestly that mark took a little over a year to fade, and took a couple IPL (?) lasers.. Sort of regretting my line of work right now, I always had a very outgoing personality so I chose a social career. Now I wish I could just sit behind a monitor all day writing code.. Any advice on this redness would be much appreciated.
  9. Hey everyone so last weekend (6 days ago) I went outside for about 3 hours by a lake and got sunburnt bad. My arms and legs and face got the worst of it. My face actually peeled twice (which I believe means this was a second degree burn) and then scabbed. The scabs have come off and most of my face looks just a shade red now. I'm assuming this will fade in another week. What I'm concerned about is that an old PIH red mark that had been gone for about a year, after staying on my face for over a
  10. Haven't been using any products on the spot specifically, just my usual low-maintenance routine. The spot has continued to reduce in size and the "bump" is pretty much gone. Slight redness (PIH) remains in the area, which will take time. Might introduce an AHA or turnover-inducing treatment to speed this process along. All that's really left to do is wait, meaning this post should conclude this thread.
  11. I guess I'll keep updating this so anyone who reads this post knows what happened. I think acne.org would be a much better resource if the OP always updated their post and eventually explained how and when their cyst/pimple/etc. went away. It's been two weeks since the injection and there is still a visible bump underneath the skin (redness is improving slowly, bump doesn't hurt at all. I honestly can hardly feel a bump when I run my finger over it, but since the skin is so thin on my upper c
  12. I called the derm's office in the morning and talked to my derm's assistant who told me that I should wait longer for another injection and that the schedule is full anyways. She put me down for the week after next.. Honestly the spot doesn't feel inflamed, it's not painful or irritated. And when I feel it there's no obvious bump, just a harder base (if that makes sense). Which is weird because when looking in the mirror there is a small bump visible especially when I open my mouth wide which