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  1. Generally, filler can be topped up once every few years. Some people who are satisfied with their results never need to. @BabylullabyThank you for sharing these photos and our progress. I see a vast improvement in the scars! Well done!
  2. There's a limit to how much subcision you can do. You will know it when you see no result. New collagen that is produced by any treatment is permanent. Of course, your skin will lose collagen the older you grow, so you can do a touch up occasionally of RF microneedling if you want. Once a year if you want.
  3. I know of many pale skin individuals who do lasers with no problems. The reported problems are on the opposite end - the darker skin individuals (like mine) who have a higher risk of hyperpigmentation. If you're worried, the derm could do a spot test (it is usually done anyway, but you could remind him/her).
  4. Yes, lasers won't do much at this stage. You need at least 5 subcision (maybe with fillers) sessions, and a few RF miconeedling. I have scars similar to yours and they improved quite well.
  5. Good points raised. You are spot on. Subcision is a great method, but like all methods, it has variables in results. That's why there are so many methods, and that's why asking 10 different dermatologists would give you 15 different answers, that's why this forum exists. Dr Davin Lim mentioned something in one of his videos that I love, and I paraphrase - there must be a benchmark. There must be a point a derm would say "We have done 5 of this treatment, let's see whether there is that
  6. What happened that caused this scar? Do you remember? And what treatments have you done? To me it looks like a slight discolouration with one boxscar scar. A few sessions of subcision (maybe with filler) for the scar and a laser treatment for the discolouration may help.
  7. I googled. Interesting! Trust the koreans to be at the forefront of skin treatments. Looks great! If this works, I hope it will become mainstream.
  8. I think there will be a subcision machine which will make the process a little less tedious. It might be an energy device with a needle at the hand-piece. I could imagine a the needle vibrating laterally, and all the derm has to do is to move the needle into position, and sweep sideways. There will be less in and out motion, which means less damage at entry point, but the vibrating needle will break the tethered bonds more efficiently.
  9. Hey @LookinLikeTheMoon, yes, I know skin treatment can be an anxious process. I feel you. You're also at the right place to seek good solid opinions. Staying on doxycyline is wise. You certainly don't want new acne forming. Stick with that. Yes, her not going straight to lasers is good, she is a good dermatologist. I'm interested in what microneedling she's talking about. She might be rather old school, because microneedling was the gold standard maybe a decade ago, but technology ha
  10. You have very good skin! I undestand those sars bother you. Try a few sessions of subcision first and filler first and see how much improvement there is. Then you may wanna do a few spot rf microneedling.
  11. Thank yu for sharing! Good choice of procedure. Now let the healing begin.
  12. I assume you mean the areas where subcision is done has turned greenish yellow? If so, that's a bruising. That's normal. It will go in a week or two.
  13. Good question. I say around USD$200 per session is considered low, but again, it's a case by case, depending on severity of scars. Longer time in clinic definitely means more money. I pay about SGD$200 per session for subcision, and SGD$600 per rf microneedling. This is in Singapore. I'm with the same derm for more than a decade, so my prices may not be accurate as he charges me a lower amount. Subcison, yea, it's indeed falling out of favour amongst some derms. Some argue RF microneed