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  1. I guess in my case, I have days when I feel like the treatments I've done are worth it, and other days when I feel like 'f**k, why does my skin look so bad'. I have, however, come to realise doing the treatments were important for my well being as I feel like at least I can gain control of it.
  2. I had to look really closely to find maybe some superficial boxscar scars. If they really bother you, and as others said, they aren't a major issue, you can deal with those with subcision, and you'll probably need just 2 - 3 sessions.
  3. I guess it is okay if your scars are only visible under direct angled light. I still very much prefer RF microneedling. The results are more drastic.
  4. The returns will definitely be diminished the more you do until a point there might not be anymore improvement. Your first 3 or 4 sessions may be most dramatic.
  5. Thank you for sharing the pics. You have boxscar scars, and they have a definite edge. From my experience, and from accounts of others, I notice hard edged scars tend to respond well to treatment. You definitely should do a few sessuins of subcision. They work excellently for your scars. Then you could level everything off with RF microneedling or a laser treatment, whichever your dermatologist is comfortable with.
  6. One is not more effective than the other. Subcision works better to soften ridge-like scars while microneedling works better for overall texture, ie, if you have smooth undulating scars. As for price, I notice subcision to be cheaper, but I would like the forum's opinion on this.
  7. I hear you - you think they are severe, but what I see, they aren't. I still say lasers can be a good option for you.
  8. You can try, but don't get your expectations up.
  9. They won't do much in my opinion. Worth a try, if you want to.
  10. You'll need at least a month in between rf microneedling, so 3 sessions may take 3 months. As for cost, I see in this forum a full range, from USD500 to USD2000 per session. Your scars are not too deep, trust me. There are worse.
  11. Actually your derm is right. Your scars are fresh, and shallow. Lasers, like CO2 or fraxel can give pretty good result for the redness, and stimulate collagen for healing. You CAN go for RF microneedling if you want to, or if can get access to it, but in my opinion, it isn't necessary.
  12. You have shallow boxscar scars. You can simply go with subcision.
  13. RF microneedling (maybe 3 sessions) for the shallow boxscar scars, and maybe a session of CO2 laser to even skin tone.
  14. Subcision is probably all you need. You will need at least 5 sessions for the deeper scars, and fewer for the shallower ones. You can also go for RF microneedling after multiple sessions of subcision. That usually helps even everything out.
  15. One is not enough. You'll need at least 3, if it's as small as a teardrop, to 10, if it's bigger (like those of the original poster), and in my case, infinite, 'cause they keep growing back. You could also have a combination of injections and one or two sessions CO2 lasers to lighten the colour.