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    Works in a short timeframe Has the potential to reduce redness Pretty Cheap compared to most products on the marker Packaging seemed very untrustworthy Felt Greasy to Apply and doesn't absorb into the skin easily Smelled weird, and felt weird on my face I was feeling really uneasy on this product, mostly due to it's visual presentation and the way it was advertised. The product was inexpensive but wasn't too cheap either. I got it delivered to my door and it came in a small 50g jar. I was really
  2. Ah yes. We've all said that once during our time of problem skin. "I've tried everything" When it comes to acne. Hormonal, dietary, etc etc, Everyone is different. No exceptions. Some medications and treatments may be able to treat a handful of people, some treatments may make someones skin worse while the same treatment could be an absolute miracle product. You have tons of options, you haven't tried absolutely "everything" yet. Although I don't know what will and what won't work for you, I
  3. I've been using traditional chinese medicine for awhile now and have been incorporating it into my skin regimen. Safety of these medications totally vary, but I can assure you that the practitioners know what they're doing. As you see, in Traditional Chinese medicine, it's almost a totally different science going on. Yin and Yang, Hot and Cold, The 4 elements, the list goes on! Acne is usually known as a "hot" disease in which there is a buildup of heat from within your body, (9 times out of
  4. That was pretty tough to read with the lack of punctuation, but anyways, here's my answer: If your derm was booked up, well, your derm was booked! Making appointments ahead of time with your dermatologists will guarantee yourself time to see them to check up on your skin. Just because your derm was too booked to see you, doesn't mean that your derm doesn't care. Like the receptionist said, Your Derm was too booked up. It really isn't your dermatologists fault, and your derm isn't going brea
    Smells great compared to other tea tree products. Nice bottle. Used it in the shower and helped with only a little bit of my acne. Dried my skin out. Annoying brand pricing. Pricy for Tea tree products. Doesn't feel or look natural at all I prefer the natural and pure variation in bar format than this stuff. This product just wasn't for me. Try it if you think It might work for you, but I'm staying away from this.
  5. Ahistoryofmyreviews

    Easy to take since it's taken orally. Calmed down my acne pretty well and still use it to this day. Even better when combined with prescribed topicals. Noticed a very big positive difference in breakout sizes. Depending on where you are, this may or may not be expensive. Bad Side effects could hit you if you don't take it properly. I usually ended up bloating on some days. Really painful. My recommendation should be the least of your concern because this medication is to be recommended and presc
  6. Ahistoryofmyreviews

    Well marketed product. May work for others. The mask worked pretty well. A full system was included. It's a skin kit Not a product that works in the long run. Endorsed by celebrities that don't use the product (Jessica Simpson was on accutane, not proactiv). Expensive. It could work for you, But even if it does, you're better off buying something that's twice as effective and even cheaper than this stuff. Don't let the commercials and endorsements fool you!