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  1. Jasmine Rene Jennings

    Tired, I Need Help (Info And Photos)

    I would be careful with B vitamins. Some form of B vitamin (6 & 12) can actually cause acne, especially in males. (research is inconclusive on this though) Honestly, the best thing I ever did for my skin was Raw Organic Honey masks. Leave it on for an hour if you can. Also, don't give up From the looks of it, you are still young. You will definitely get through this!
  2. Jasmine Rene Jennings

    Day 1

    My acne is extremely unpredictable. I can have beautifully clear skin for a week and then BAM, four large, painful cysts appear overnight. My acne is not at all severe, but there are definitely days when I feel like it is. Also, the scarring from these wonderful surprise culprits can last months (some have lasted years) I've been trying just about everything since I turned 18 (Now 20) but I think I might have found something that actually works. Right now I have three cysts (mid cycle hormones)