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  1. Keys17

    Its So Hard, Too Hard...acne

    I'm so sorry for all of your suffering, nobody deserves to go through this. I want to share with what has helped me drastically. There's a new Chinese herb called Ganoderma that is finally being released to the rest of the world. It is known to naturally cure different things in the body. You can research it and find how many things it has cures. I've been drinking organo golds coffee for months now, I love it, I'll never drink any other coffee again but I didn't think to try there other produ
  2. Keys17

    Stop Suffering!

    This is my first time every writing on one of these sites but I feel I have to spread the great news! I've suffered from comedonal acne (the really small bumps/ clogged pores that are the hardest to treat) for the past 4 years. And let me tell you I've tried EVERyTHiNg! From antibiotic creams to Oral antibiotics, chemical peels, deep facials, numerous cleansers, toners, moisturizers, home remedies, diet change, etc. and just last week my mom told me to try Ganoderma soap. ive been drinking this