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  1. I understand your pain in terms of cutting down on dairy or potentially eliminating it completely. When i got rid of salad cream, potato salad, spicy foods and fizzy drinks i made a huge sacrifice and couldn't believe i did just that. Even to this day i have never looked back upon it or regretted doing so.
  2. Heres a seven daily plan of my diet: Monday - BREAKFAST: bowl of shredded wheat with muesli and semi skimmed milk, LUNCH: brown bread with cucumber and 2 slices of ham/ 1 apple/ Salt & Vinegar/ crisps/banana, DINNER: birds eye chicken with wholewheat pasta. Tuesday - BREAKFAST: bowl of shredded wheat with muesli and semi skimmed milk, LUNCH: 2 ciabatta roles with ham,cucumber and chicken pieces/ 1 apple/banana, DINNER: quiche with baby potatoes, runner beans and sweetcorn. Wednesday - B
  3. Well what does your diet consist of? I can give you a brief seven day meal plan of mine if you wish
  4. Thanks for the reply as it has eased my guilt a little. Throughout my years of 13-16 i used to eat spicy, greasy, oily, dry foods, microwave foods such as hotpots, chicken baked pasta and shop bought chinese takeaways almost everyday in small portions. I also had lashings of salad cream in practiaclly every meal nightly. Now, i have learnt my lesson and at the beginning of the year i drastically changed my lifestyle. I then cut down on the whole bloody lot replacing them meals with wholeweat
  5. So i had 4 large vegetable spring rolls (oven cooked), 2 vegetable samosas (oven cooked) and a plate of wholeweat pasta. What i want to know is that will my acne spike because of me eating this? I never eat vegetable spring rolls or vegetable samosas but when i do it is like once every 5 months and never together, just on their own. Please reply back.Thanks