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  1. Azelex worked for me and now it is helping my sister. We both had moderate but VERY persistant acne. I'm now clear (knock on wood) and my sister is getting there. /
  2. I just talked to my derm yesterday about glycolic acid. I am pretty much clear but still have the small flesh colored bumps and I read that this will help. She agreed and said I should use it every other night. On the nights I don't use it, I will continue to use my Azelex. Not quite sure what Duac is, but maybe ask your derm about incorporating glycolic acid into your regimen.
  3. Well, it's not the Neutrogena that was causing them, cause I had a bunch of new ones pop up yesterday and I haven't used the cleanser for quite a while. I'm totally baffled now cause I have no idea why a whole crew of them all appeared yesterday out of no where. I'm on OTC but this is my first month and I started my period yesterday. :-k Hormones????
  4. Miya I was having the same problem as you. I had tons of these and quite a few would eventually turn into small zits within a few days. I quit using Neutrogena Deep Clean that apparently had some ingredients that were causing this cause within a few days of quitting, they stopped turning into pimples and started drying up. I still have a few, but they are slowly going away and best of all...no new ones are showing up to take their place. :D/ I am using two different face washes, one a
  5. I was doing some reading and stumbled across a website that discussed a study done in Japan on acne. It was reported that there are approximately 50 different strains of the bacteria that are associated with acne. The doctors in this study did a culture on the excretion from peoples faces and came up with this information. This would probably explain why certain antibiotics work for certain people and also why they stop working after a while. You would think they would do something like that
  6. =D> Well, it's been 5 days since I stopped using the Neutrogena Deep Clean and I am pleased to report that I have no new small pink bumps and the ones I do have are showing signs of drying up and going away. Each day a few more have a little bead of hardened dry sebum that comes off when I wash. I'm not sure if it's coicidence or the fact that I started using the Brevoxyl when I stopped the Deep Clean, but whatever it is, I'm happy with it. Will update in a few days.
  7. :-k I guess I can join the club too. I've had these little bumps for months and the majority of them are clustered on my temples and sides of my face with a few scattered on my forehead. I always thought they were a result of me using Retin A Micro because before I started using that, I was using differin along with Triaz face wash and didn't have them. But the more I think about it, it must have been the Triaz that was keeping them away and had nothing to do with RAM. The Triaz was too dryi
  8. Anyone have anything to say about this stuff? I just started using it Friday along with Bactim and Plexion Cleanser and was wondering who has used it successfully or otherwise and also what type of skin/acne you have. I am somewhat normal/dry and have mild to moderate acne. Mostly small bumps and a couple small pimples on my forehead, temple, and jaw area and one or two larger zits around my time of the month on my chin.
  9. Same here. Started B5 about 7 weeks ago, started eating low fat, switched to BP/Salycylic Acid and my face is like 90% better (even with the "monthly bill" showing up a week early) than it ever was using prescription topicals and antibiotics. =D>
  10. Same here. Some of them wind up turning into little pimples. I had hundreds on my forehead (temples especially) and on the sides of my face after coming off of Retin A Micro but using the BP in the morning and salycylic acid at night seems to be helping make them go away
  11. When I decided to go from Retin A Micro to the Regimen, I did it VERY slowly both stopping the RAM and then starting with the BP. Took 2 weeks to wean myself off the RAM and used only a tiny bit of BP. After 1 month without RAM, and just over one full week on the Regimen, I still only use a pea sized amount of BP. I had a few pimples here and there when I first started going to the derm 2 yrs. ago and all the prescription topicals and antibiotics did was made my skin worse. The BP has my sk
  12. Over the past 2 years, I have been on 3 different oral antibiotics, benzaclin, benzamycin, differin, cleocin T, triaz 3% and 6% and Retin A Micro. My skin never got clear. I changed derms 3 times. The new one wanted me to use Tazorac. After reading the posts here and all the crap about pregnancy, birth defects ect., my mom said forget it. I've had acne since I was about 12 and am now 18. For the first few years, I just used OTC stuff but my sophomore year I couldn't stand it anymore and
  13. I used Ovace along with Retin A Micro for about 10 weeks and if anything got worse. Quit using the RAM about 2 weeks ago but still use the Ovace a couple times a week and Neutrogena Deep Clean at night. Using a product called Aprescia Acne Skin care on the mornings I don't use the Ovace. It is not near as drying. Instead of RAM, I am using Neutrogena On the Spot BP 2.5 at night and Clearasil salicylic acid gel in the a.m. In 5 days w/o RAM I am like 75% better. I have mild/moderate acne an
  14. :D/ I've been using B5 for 4 weeks. I was also using Retin A Micro but quit about 2 weeks ago. I am now using BP but am increasing the amount VERY slowly. The RAM was giving me tons of little whiteheads in places where I never had problems before. They weren't clearing up even with the B5 until the last day or 2 after 4 days on BP. But...I'm going to continue with the BP and B5 and in 3 weeks when my "monthly bill" comes due I will see how things work out. That will be the true test.