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  1. honestly, girls don't care! my bf struggles with cystic acne too, and i like him just the way he is. just keep your head up and be confident, that's what girls dig!
  2. edm didn't work out for me. it oxidized on me, made me more oily, and showed every single flake line and pore. it aged me tremendously. that being said, i do find that edm seems to work better for pple with oily skin types; i have dry skin.
  3. wow, i find it so intriguing that all the recs are mineral. anyway, edm which everybody raves about didn't work for me. i like my shiseido tm for natural coverage. not sure if it's hg yet, but best tm so far for me.
  4. i really really really love makeup. sitting down and applying mu is probably the happiest 15 min. of my day usually hahaha. i wear full-face makeup (face, cheeks, eyes, etc, the "works) every time i step outside of the house. nothing heavy or anything, everything is done with a light hand just to enhance my features. however, it is still a sad realization for me that i need mu to have my confidence. i do find that i have trouble looking people in the eye when i have a bare face. mu is my addic
  5. i like youtube too! although their skintone or color selection won't work on me, but i've definitely learned a lot about techniques.
  6. http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...chy/Foundations
  7. 20-25 for makeup. a good 15 minutes is spent on the base alone, foundation/concealer and all that jazz. cuz perfect skin is my #1 goal. i do my eyeliner and mascara at work. haha. if i'm going out though, i can take an additional 30 minutes for eye makeup. but i'm quicker for hair, cuz it's short now. i just straighten the front and run some gel/wax thru it.
  8. i like to scrub first, then add a moisturizer/treatment. scrubbing super gently with a wet cotton washcloth helps to eliminate dry flakes and patches. then, while my skin's still wet, i pat on a few drops of evening primrose and jojoba oil mixture. i have very dry skin, and this routine alone keeps me very well moisturized with no dryness at all. whenever i need an extra boost, i add a hyaluronic acid serum before the oils. if i need an extra extra push, i'll sleep overnight with a moisture mask
  9. makeupalley and hotmail working for anyone today? i can get on some websites, and not others. it's so strange, it would be so weird if all those websites were down at the same time.
  10. threading is DEFINITELY less painful and irritating than waxing. it's usually asian places that have threading. i've seen it at salons, nail places, asian spas. the price can vary depending on how "hip" the place is. i got mine threaded and trimmed at a nail salon for $5. it shouldn't be more expensive than $10-15. after the pro visit, you can maintain it yourself at home. fyi, threading/waxing/plucking will change the shape of your brows. if you're ok with the shape and just want to make it le
  11. lol, it's true! a bit longer now since their current sample size holds a wee bit more powder. it's been almost 2 years, i've still got 1/3 of the concealer sample left. but of course, all thanks to my skin cooperating with me the last few years so i don't need so much coverage. i'm incredibly frugal with makeup. in my 5 years of wearing it, i never ran out or hit pan on anything, not even close. well, except mascara. with fly aways, applying it with a slightly damp brush helps, and it blends
  12. omg, that has gone beyond bad cs. is she dissing that a customer by saying they have a sad life and no self-respect? wth??!!! is it me or what, some of their correspondence is EXTREMELY satirical towards the customer. it's like dissing you without profanity. :ninja: :rolleyes: oh well, i wasn't gonna order from them anyway. i've lost the love for their makeup. found something much better. :)
  13. that's a LOT of powder and coverage. wouldn't it look heavy on the skin? a sample size can last 4 months with me, used 3-5 times a week.
  14. i can't contribute cuz i gave up the dkr after one week. my skin didn't take bp too well. anyway, i just wanted to say you look HOTTTT girl! cheer up!
  15. i think it's sold at sally's. more reviews here: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...o/Loose_Powders