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  1. Ok, well it's just a matter of time then! Ahhhh it's been such an emotional and psychological mindfuck. I was so self absorbed into my own looks that when i suddenly got acne, i felt like part of my identity was ripped away from me; i felt lost, still do in a way. Although i do think anyone who is, or has previously gone through the battle of acne, gains perspective on life etc. it helps to look past the surface of everyone around us. To look deeper. I think in this way you really get the chance
  2. Well i'm kinda hesitant go use it now. I'll see how i feel tonight. Thanks for the reply by the way, so positive aha. Makes me feel good! How's your acne journey coming along?
  3. Yeh i've heard a few negative things about hydroquinone aswell. I've used the fade cream over this weekend, and i've noticed today it seems to have made the areas a bit darker, dryer and a little burnt looking :s, kinda worried! I think i'm gonna stop and use acne.org's AHA and mix it in with my moisturiser. Hopefully things will get better soon. Been through such a pyschological struggle recently. Pushing through though!
  4. I've been on the regimen for almost 3 months, results have been fairly good. I can definately say the regimen works, if you stick with it and STAY persistent. I'm pretty much clear, just a couple of pimples. I've now got these hyperpigmentation marks where my acne was previously, it's kinda bugging me. You get clear skin and now there's more to deal with. I've bought this Ambi fade cream for normal skin, which i've heard alot of positive reviews about. What are your opinions on this produc
  5. I feel for you man, I'm 19 also. Acne is completely running my life right now, I never thought it would come to this point. I've literally hidden away in my room for months eating strict plant based diets, but to not satisfactory results. I've even covered my mirrors with pieces of clothing, just because I know that acne is sitting on my face. My plan is to keep eating healthy and experiment with foods, hopefully I clear up soon. You should check into your diet man; plenty of fresh vegetables a
  6. Ok thanks alot! I will get back to you with results after a week or so!
  7. Hey guys! I'm new here! I am 18 years of age and started breaking out quite bad recently. I've tried eating raw veggies and fruits before and saw some amazing results after a few days! I started getting a little cocky and included some bad foods into my diet again; just small amounts though and started to break out again ! So I decided to go back fully raw and the results that happened last time aren't happening?! Acne is really playing with my social life, confidence and self esteem, I never wo