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  1. hi boba, i bought this stuff a few months back after seeing your post. i was getting acne around the back of my head on the hairline. and i like having a shaved head but didn't want it shaved while i had acne there. i bought this and it's helped a lot. i thought 8 quid was a bit expensive but it's lasted a while and still got about half left i was getting cystic acne on my neck too but controled it by cutting out gluten about a month before buying this. a few weeks back, when i switched back
  2. could be something else. it's come back a bit over the past few days and i haven't changed anything in my diet from when it was ok.
  3. if it's on your neck/back/shoulders, do you think shampoo could be causing it? i was getting bad cystic on my neck but it's calmed down recently, and the 2 main changes i made were stopping eating gluten, and changed shampoo to one i saw someone post about on here. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0045XBQBA/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 that was the one. i noticed since stopping both it really calmed down, then went a bit bad last week but i'd tried going back
  4. Yeah I guess so. Mine is just on my neck, sometimes jawline but not so much. It always seems to be just the left side of my neck too.
  5. Yeah it was pretty much fine from quitting gluten until a few days ago. Not sure what's brought it back If it was a gluten intolerance, then surely I'd feel the other symptoms?
  6. Hi. I had bad cystic acne on neck and jawline on and off since may last year. I'm 24 now by the way. It would be really bad, then go away, then come back really bad. But earlier this year it was getting even worse. So in about may, I stopped eating dairy, it definitely helped. But then in july time I stopped eating gluten and it got so much better. But recently it's got a bit bad again. My question is, if gluten was a cause, would I suffer from any other symptoms of gluten intolerance? I've
  7. i was getting horrible cystic acne on my neck and jawline. and for about a year the only times i'd out was to work. i wouldn't go out for anything else, except on the odd occasion when my skin was ok. i thought i'd cured it about 3 months ago, and was so nice to be able to go out in public again and not feel like people are starring. but for some reason it's come back the past few days so suffering again with the feeling of being trapped inside.
  8. Hi, I know it has been a while since you posted, did you ever find a solution? I'm 24 and in the past 18 months or so have had it bad on neck and jawline. A few months ago I stopped eating dairy and gluten and it's a lot better, but still there a bit.
  9. humandart

    Neck - Agggh!

    Would do anything to stop this. It looks a lot worse in person than in the pics
  10. Hi, I posted a topic a while ago but haven't had too much luck since. Can someone identify this type of acne? It was suggested before possibly shaving related. I switched razors and finally ordered an electric razor to try in a few days. I haven't shaved since beginning of last week and my neck was fine until monday. I do want to shave the sides of my face but don't want to while there's spots there. Here's some pics (looks worse in real life than the pics) I was off work
  11. Been a few weeks now, with these different razors they don't come up as bad. Still get a few though. Still seems to be mainly on the left side
  12. i'm similar, had it when i was 15 to 18. Then went away completely, came back at 22. What works for my face, I presume you've tried it though, clearisil rapid action gel wash. My face is pretty clear, apart from my jawline. My neck started getting bad at 23 and still haven't found a cure.
  13. I think a lot of it might be from me touching them, I notice I do and can't help it. I stop as soon as I notice I'm doing it.
  14. Yeah I use the gillette fusion power razor, i've used it for over 3 years now. But I did switch the blades from the fusion power blades to the fusion power pro glide blades. The change in blades could of been around the same time that this has started on my neck. I've got the original fusion power blades now anyway so next time I shave i'll use them. I don't think i really touch that area though where they appear. Will find out anyway. The shaving gel I use is fusion hydra sensitive skin. But a
  15. Never thought about wheat affecting it, I use wholemeal bread and wholemeal pasta. Seems the healthier I eat the worse it gets haha. I'm 24 now, past 2 years or so my acne come back from being a teen, not too bad on my face, but my neck in the past 12 months has been horrible. But when i was 20/21 I was fine, and diet wasn't good at all, pizzas, kebabs, used whole milk, white bread, had fry ups a lot. When i was travelling 18 months ago I was fine then, and my diet n life style while away wa