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  1. IPL reduces capillaries at the surface of the skin I believe, which helps with flushin. I just had an IPL treatment on my cheeks today but it was at level 3 and didn't hurt at -all-, so I don't think it did anything. I certainly will never go to Dr. Lack again.
  2. Well, I have subcision and IPL today, so I'll let everyone know if the IPL bit helps w/my redness at all. I guess I won't know for a few weeks after...
  3. I will, I'll update a thread I started a few weeks ago when I see him though... (doesn't pertain to Fraxel). No updates till 7 April.
  4. That is a gross overgeneralisation. I am mostly vegetarian and eat a very good diet (lived in Japan for a while though). Nothing has really ever been proven about acne and diet anyway. But a healthy diet is obviously important. hehe. It also wont make your scars go away.
  5. ? The TCA I have from Peels on Demand says 100%.
  6. It sort of makes sense that a general peel isn't going to really help deeper scars. I mean, it would be peeling the skin over its entire surface... You need specific treatments to the exact scars and leave the other parts alone I would think. Peels do help w/small ones and improve texture though.
  7. How is this supposed to do anything? Silica is biologically inert. You can't improve scars without somehow changing the specifically damaged parts of your dermis. I know the placebo effect plays in to all the various fixes of the day here. And in many cases the people showing improvements had new scars and they just have been possibly coincidentally improving with time. Anyway, don't mean to rant, but this thing is just bollocks. If you want to fix your scars you're stuck w/things like su
  8. You know, I am no totally sure. I know they mentioned both cheeks, but I'd hope that wasn't just what they are doing, as I have some problems near my lips as well. No, I'm not doing it right now. I opted for some subcision and IPL on a few scars with Dr. Lack on April 7. I may try this at some point, we'll see how the subcision goes. I dislike lasers after my useless Yerbium:YAG session that cost tons.
  9. I saw Dr. Kovak recently and it was either $2500 or $3000 for 5 treatments. I wish I could remember his exact quote. He is nice, but I thought the office visit was way too rushed.
  10. Hmm, not sure if I blush without reason. But, I do get flushed very easily (I always have...I'm an uber pale redhead). It is just that I seem to get things like windburn very very easily, and my face feels hot and/or irritated a lot. Now I'm up to like 5 doctors who say it isn't rosacea at least. Thanks
  11. I'd say the only possibility is something like TCA Cross perhaps? Should be a bunch of topics on it in the forum... Cost does vary though, in my case I've been told $150 to $300 per treatment by doctors (for scar revision procedures). Obviously something like TCA at home would cut that to near $40 US for a quite a few.
  12. Yeah, that happens to me. It gets irritated very easily now. I am having my 1st IPL session on 7 April (Palomar Rejuvelux), so we'll see if it does anything for my redness. I'm getting it along with subcision for some scars though, not strictly for redness relief. But, I'll post if it helps out at all!
  13. I had Lyra, it is Yerbium:YAG I think... Anyway, according to the last two doctors I've seen, it doesn't do much of anything. It doesn't go deep enough to stimulate collagen, and its fairly superficial so it can't really even out skin levels, either. I had another dr. recommend Fraxel to me the other day, but i'll be trying subcision + IPL to even out my skin tone and see how that goes for now.
  14. I've seen a few doctors in Chicago lately, and I like Dr. Edward Lack the most... Anyway, he gave me a couple of options to fix some of small scars (a couple small rolling and boxcards, but mostly some small icepicks). He gave me the option of having TCA cross (PM me for what he quoted me, his prices vary depending on number of scars anyway), or subcision (tiny cuts, no stitches) with IPL (Palomar) done over the whole face. He said he prefers the latter one, and the IPL focuses on the redne