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  1. Its been a difficult two years for me...struggling with acne, my life, my self esteem, depression....ive let my life just turn to shit because I cant deal with my breakouts and going out like this. whats worse is im not a teenager but a 33 yr old mother..whose daughter is probably looking at her mother like a weakling. The minute I gain some kind of confidence back I eat something wrong or just out the blue...I get another bad breakout...and im tired...tired of having to deal with acne at my age
  2. maybe u could give your skin a break for a while and just use a mild cleanser and moisturizer....
  3. silly me ....I tried to pop this little black head type of pimple on my forehead squeezed n squeezed nothing came out and now its a big circular raised bump...u don't think its permanent do u? im scared I made a permanent circular bump on my forehead....I dnt know what to put on it or if its like a cyst now
  4. I honestly would not apply any tazorac on your face..im so against Accutane but at this point I think that's what u need....I would leave your face alone in the process and maybe only use cold water and some aloe vera
  5. I wouldn't use too much...just start off with the cleanser in my opinion
  6. thnks for answering mama...I just spoke with a woman n I think ill just do laser hair removal...and leave my skin alone as far as treatments beside that
  7. no one??? can u atleast tell me how bad it looks or what I could use on it
  8. howlong did u take antibiotics for...u took them while u were pregnant?
  9. maybe its folliculitis...fungal
  10. can anyone respond or help me im feeling really down...pls
  11. Sankofa1


    The past two months I had a mild acne breakout went to an acne clinic...and the chemical peels worsened my skin..scarred it...and now have left me with black ingrown hairs on my cheek....im a woman and I don't know what to do anymore, the hairs actually discust me more then the acne and not to mention its scarring, some of the hairs have grown out and I wonder if I could bleach them or do laser hair removal..but the area is already very much hyperpigmented I don't know....all the stress has caus
  12. So no one responded to my last post...Im completely depressed...as the chemical peels I got have left me with ingrown hairs...that are not the same color of my normal hair or face....my skin has hyperpigmentation but im wondering if I could use hair bleach to atleast bleach the hair to feel better...anyone what do u think? my skin is scarring where the hairs are and I got some bumps...im attaching a picture...also bp doesn't work for me what could I use for my skin that's gentle.
  13. Riley.. I would be honest and tell u ...try something natural or allow time to heal your rd marks. you don't want to risk breaking out again just to get rid of the marks. treating your skin with new products or treatments is a gamble...and that's what i just did and messed up my skin again. be patient if u can