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  1. The squeezing caused the original scabbing, and I read put a hot towel on it and the scab came off. It's completely flat though, it looks like a tiny blister but really red rash like border. It's right on my forehead which is why it's bothering me lol.
  2. You know those little pimples with no head that you say one squeeze wont hurt? That leads to a full-on open wound? That happened to me. Right on my forehead. It scabbed after neosporin 6 hours then overnight, but I put a hot towel and it removed the scab and now is back to stage one. I know speed is not always good for acne, but how can I heal it relitively fast without leaving a red mark? This happened to me like 2 months ago and the mark from that one recently faded completely. At least I know