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    Age is an issue of mind over matter.If you don't mind it doesn't matters.

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  1. My acne bickering gave way to a pointless debate with aanabill (Don't know where she is these days).The topic of the debate was ridiculous.I was of the opinion that acne is sometimes more debilitating than fatal diseases like cancer . I quoted "Cancer kills you once but acne weakens you everyday".Aanabill opposed this and said i'm completely wrong.We fought and finally she won.She told me how immature i was . Even though i accepted my defeat i had this nagging doubt in my mind . The doubt ha
  2. Yeh ive get you...ive got a kinda bipolar styled attitude to acne i range frm like being able to get on with life n deal n still be me, full of laughs sarcasm n fun then the next im the opposite seclude myself, overthink n obsess n go dark which is a pretty awful place to be in...we know we need to try and deal and get on with life n learn to say ah well fuck it its not goin anywhere anytime soon so lets jus do this living nonsense anyway bt who knows how you do that i thnk ive let the psycholog
  3. Why is acne not severe? WHY? I spent the 19th year of my life locked in a room seething with depression.I lived in a hostel,and while every other guy had a date or two,i was busy applying benzoyl peroxide on my mutant face .I had flawless skin and a clear complexion prior this scourge.Now,it has somehow left a darker version of me with oily coarse irregular skin.I can't talk to a person straight eyed because inevitably their attention wanders of to my face . Acne ruined my social life .A goo
  4. Throughout my teenage ,right to my adulthood ,iv'e been diffident.First it was teenage obesity then it was acne.Varied reasons for perpetual mortification.Apart from the 6-7 male friends i have at college,i have NO other friends.I'm virtually devoid of any emotional I.Q whatsoever.I'm 21 and never had female contact of ANY kind. I have acute social anxiety.It affects my demeanor,my confidence,my gait ,everything! Yes i hate my life sometimes. I never had a date. I'm not desperate for it..
  5. Hmmm , no to both 1 and 2. Because iv'e had enough of it and i have learnt to embrace my reality the way it is. Yearning to be someone else , looking out of the window wistfully,thinking of a life sans acne just makes it worse... :/
  6. Thank you. I pray every morning and night for you guys. It's a wonderful feeling to know that someone out there is on your team.
  7. When it's all hopeless,when there's no light at the end of the tunnel for you.when you're on the verge of giving up...then even a glimmer of hope,a spark of success makes you do un-scientific things You don't need a doctor's advise,you don't need testimonies . I'm just washing my face since six months now and i'm BETTER.
  8. If it's something written by CBIOT13...well,you don't miss it! I love your quotes man!
  9. Reading this was very reassuring . You're a beautiful girl
  10. i'll soon make you feel dead, if you dont do what you are suppose to. haha ...jo vaada kiyaaa toh nibhana padega....
  11. My 8th day.And this time i'm not going to deter from my goal.I AM NOT GOING TO FALL FOR THE TRAP.I'll throw the iphone ,the moment my fingers wander and type unwanted website addresses on the browser.
  12. Heartbroken....hmmm At least your heart can break.Mine has been broken so many times that it has become immune. LOL