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  1. SexySenorita

    Constant Breakouts, Red Patches And Persistant

    So the outbreak happened again BUT i now know two things. It begin with clogged pores the night before, and my chin was a bit inflamed. The next day there were loads of small whiteheads. So what is the cause of this? I had a cup of milk, some chocolate and cream. Could this be the cause?
  2. SexySenorita

    Constant Breakouts, Red Patches And Persistant

    So would cardio exercise help stop breakouts, or cause them?
  3. I am completely lost. My acne is absolutely killing me. None are cystic, but my cheeks and chin are covered in skin colour, and red pimples. I've also recently developed a patch around 1.5 cm in width, which is red, dry and hard, but is not painful. I'm not sure what it is. Also, I get a breakout the same day every week. I will wake up the next morning with whiteheads on my chin. I have sports on this day, but i don't sweat, and i can't recall touching my face more than i usually do, so i have