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  1. hey guys, is it safe to use skin lightners on my neck? (while on accutane).. my necks tanned, my face is crazy pale
  2. hey people ima guy but fuckt,, i hate having this red skin from accutane.. will tinted moisteriser cover my tomato face? any1 know of a good one?.. im goin to the pharmacy in the morrow
  3. hey guys , so im getting zits, but they arent going away,, so whenever i get a new one, my face is building up a collection .. help plz
  4. hey guys, ive decided to stop using face wash on my course( cetaphil) because it seems to be making my face way more redder (i look like a tomato!) my question,, when i dont use my cleanser, the sunscreen doesnt come off fully.. then when i dry my face it kinda looks like my pores are clogged, or like prickly flakes on my skin.. is this ok ??
  5. hey guys, im naturally pale, but because of accutane, my face is crazy red all the time! the only time im not red, is when i wear sunscreen, which in turn makes me look like a ghost.. any1 know of any good sunscreen or somethin to help?
  6. hey guys.. ima smoker, so like will smoking affect the accutane doing its job? my derm said i shouldnt drink, but said nothing of smoking
  7. i have mild acne, but extreamly persistant for the past 5 years.. xeroderm in greek means dry skin i think, its specifically for dry flaky cracked skin. thnx for the input though
  8. Hi guys, im wondering if anyone knows of a good sunscreen that doesnt leave like a ghost face?.. also sunscreens a must for me, i really dont want more red marks
  9. whatsup guys.. so like because im on accutane, my skin is always dry (not oily).. is it a must, that i wash my face twice a day?.. couldnt i just wash it like once in the morn or at night? ps i use cetaphil facewash and xeraderm moisteriser.. thnx
  10. wotsup fellow accutane users, my name is @#%.. this is my 1st post, so its day9 of my adventure, im on 50mg oratane, 3pills a day. i have mild controlled acne, much love to differin gel.. bottom line, for quite some time ive been using justine tissue oil (much like bio oil), to help with red marks from previous zits n shite. now that im on accutane, is it cool if i still use the justine tissue oil at night to combat red marks? PS ive also experianced my initial breakout on like the 2nd till 5