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  1. have you seen Emil has met up with Lim in AUS, they are sharing new techniques. its quite exciting
  2. I have very shallow rollowing scars, crossed some of them but to be honest it hasnt done much. Do you think one of the more modern energy devices would be best or a series of chemical peels? or is manual techniques still prefered? anyone had any success with rolling scars? shouldnt they be the easiest to treat in theor
  3. i have been seeing p.chu, i feel very comfortasble with him. he has such a calm and relaxed approach i guess from his vast experiance i too had a very bad experiance like you, but from phi clinic which ended up giving me a lot of deep new scars on my nose after lasering my face 2x in 2 weeks i dont know who i will see when he retires
  4. a big loss to the uk, maybe Anil who works at the same clinic if you dont want to go abroad
  5. give it time, the redness often makes the area look much worse i did get new scars from a laser, it was a very bad time. now im very careful and dont do any combo treatments acne scarring is horrendous, the treatments are russian roulette
  6. yes the recovery phase is really really tough mentally, especially when the scar becomes wider and red i get paranoid about sleeping as i move around in the night and showering becasue im scared to knock the scab off early. thats why ive taken a week off work this time in hopes itl fall off during this time i find it so hard to cope during this period, but TCA Cross is much more predictable than say a laser or peel, you have targeted the scar directly. give it time once the scab falls
  7. yes i had a similar issue, i trusted a derm to do laser on my nose and made them much worse. im scared to touch my nose now i know the skin isnt the same than on the rest of the face tca cross does work but to be honest when they are the size of yours, its asking for bigger problems
  8. sounds like its healing great, i wouldnt put retin a on it for a month after but you can apply to the rest of the face keep the area treated moist
  9. when i had it done it did not hurt at all, i felt it for maybe only 5-10 seconds be gentle with it and try to forget about for a few weeks no direct water from shower
  10. I have an outdoor job and am worried about pigmentation issues. At the moment I have 1 week off. Do you think that will be enough time for the scab to fall off and then can apply SPF as normal Its getting into winter now which is why I waited but I normally spend 9-10 hours a day outside